Saturday, April 19, 2014

First Class Baguio-Manila Trip via Victory Liner Bus

I wanted to try Victory Liner's First Class (aka De Luxe) ride to and from Baguio. Unfortunately, taking the ride to Baguio conflicted with our plans so we opted to try it on our way back to Manila. The Baguio-Manila first class ride only stops at the Cubao and Pasay terminals but we went ahead even though the most convenient terminal for us was Monumento.

Soon after arriving in Baguio (and enjoying several cups of regular and strawberry taho from the vendors right outside the terminal), we went upstairs to buy our return tickets. The cashier showed us a seat plan so we could choose our seats. Outside, the sun was just beginning to rise so while bf was paying for the tickets, I snuck out and took a picture.

view from the second floor of the Victory Liner terminal in Baguio City

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