Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good Service at the LBC Branch Across Lucky Chinatown Mall

I was at the Reina Regente LBC branch (the one facing Lucky Chinatown Mall) last Friday, around 5pm. Compared to the other 12 or so branches I've been to, this one is a lot smaller. There was only one guy manning the place during my visit.

standee at LBC branch across Lucky Chinatown Mall

In terms of appearance, this branch looks poor. Medyo mukhang kawawa. The walls are dirty, the floor tiles are cracked, and some things are held together by scotch tape.

LBC Reina Regente Branch
cracked floor tiles
LBC counter

Nevertheless, I was impressed with the customer service provided by the guy on duty during my visit. I had encountered LBC personnel of varying personalities: some were nice and patient, some were cold or irritable. But this guy was one of the most pleasant LBC employees I have encountered. I stayed there a while because my remittance had to be unlocked by the LBC main office, so I was able to observe how he interacted with other customers, not just me. He was consistently cheerful, polite, and patient. Here are some things I noticed about his service compared to some of the other LBC branch employees I've faced:

Him: Greeted customers when they came in
Them: No greeting

Him: Asked newcomers what they needed even while he was attending to another customer.
Them: Paid attention only to the customer they were attending to and let others stand there even if they were unsure of what to do.

Him: Looked at customers while discussing things with them.
Them: Talked to customers without eye contact.

Him: Used "ma'am/sir", "po/opo", etc and his courtesy sounded genuine
Them: Used those words too but sometimes seemed insincere because there was a hint of annoyance or impatience in their tone, body language or facial expression

Him: Framed instructions as requests or seeking permission. (e.g. "Pwede hong buksan?")
Them: Framed instructions as orders.(e.g. "Buksan mo muna")

Him: When he had to reject a sealed document that a customer did not want to open for inspection, he gave them a reasonable explanation, instead of just saying "It's policy."
Them: Just said "It's policy"

What's with the differences? Well, #1-5 make customers feel valued, instead of just a statistic or a burden that the employee has to bear with. #6 spells the difference between the customer understanding the logic of the company's policy (and even supporting it) vs feeling annoyed and seeing the company as bureaucratic or hard to deal with.

LBC Reina Regente branch

(across Lucky Chinatown Mall)
Reina Regente St.
Manila, Philippines
Web site
Facebook page


  1. hi can i ask your contact number?

  2. Wow! Been sending packages to LBC and I was happy to know that there are still employees like him who seemed to value customers that the company should take care of. By the way, does lbc offer seafreight services.


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