Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Greenwich's Macaroni Salad is Terrible

My aunt arrived with a Greenwich takeout for me. Included was a small cup of macaroni salad as an add-on to the meals. I have not eaten at Greenwich for years but from what I remember, the food tasted decent though I found the serving sizes too small for me. I love macaroni salads so I assumed that I would like Greenwich's version as well. Unfortunately, bleh! It was terrible.

Greenwich macaroni salad

The salad did not look appetizing at all. Usually, macaroni salads include ingredients to add a little color to the food: carrots, celery, raisins, etc. Greenwich's included finely chopped tomatoes and grated cheese. I haven't tried eating macaroni salad that contains fresh tomatoes so I was not thrilled but I was open to the idea.

The problem was that the salad was tasteless. No flavor whatsoever, as if the macaroni shells were just boiled in plain water (no salt or broth or anything to give taste), mixed with generic mayonnaise, then topped with a bit of finely chopped tomatoes and grated cheese as an afterthought. The grated cheese was the only thing that gave flavor but it was not enough to save this sorry salad.

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  1. hahaha... When I'm at Greenwich, lasagna lang talaga ang order ko. :)


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