Thursday, December 19, 2013

Davao City Series: Tumbling Inside a Giant Ball at Davao Zorv Park

Crocodile Park is one of the popular tourist destinations in Davao City. However, we were a bit short on time and the place sounded similar to Zoobic Safari in Subic so we decided to just skip the zoo and head straight to two other attractions located in the Crocodile Park compound: Davao Zorv Park and Walk n' Water Ball Park.

Zorbing (also called sphereing, orbing or globe riding) involves being strapped inside a giant ball which is then rolled down a gentle slope.

Zorbing at Zorv Park in Davao City, Philippines
zorb at top of the slope
side view of zorb ball
Davao Zorb Park

Before our trip, I read about the Davao Zorb Park in a two-year-old post in another blog. The post listed the safety rules for the harness zorb and the hydro zorb (a kind of zorbing where you sit inside the ball, water is placed inside the ball, and the water splashes on you as you roll down the hill). I was expecting hydro zorb to be available as well in Davao Zorb Park. Alas, no hydro zorb here.

Our two senior companions felt intimidated by the ride so only bf and I tried zorbing. The ride was very fun. A bit expensive (P200/person for a half-minute ride) but worth it. I wish it was longer though.

Watch us zorbing here:

By the way, it is a bad idea to eat a heavy meal before zorbing. Bf gulped down a big cup of durian shake before we went to Zorb Park and according to him, he felt queasy during and after the ride. Luckily for me, projectile vomiting did not occur.

One thing I noticed was that the staff looked serious and even a bit bored. Answers to questions were short. We were not asked if we had heart problems or high blood pressure and we were not briefed about the safety rules that aim to prevent the zorbs from being punctured. I had read the rules beforehand so when we were asked to go up the slope to enter the sphere, I voluntarily removed my glasses and the contents of my pocket and told bf to empty his pockets and remove his belt.

One thing I regret is that I followed the rule about cameras not being allowed inside the ball. From what I see in online videos and pictures of other Zorv Park visitors, this rule is not implemented.

When the ride was over, I got no assistance from the staff in getting out of the sphere. I also got no tickets to the Walk n' Water Ball Park. (The P200 fee per person is for Zorv Park and Walk n' Water). I had to ask the guy manning Zorv Park; only then did he give us tickets.

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