Friday, December 20, 2013

Davao City Series: Walk n' Water Ball Park

Walk n' Water Ball Park, like Zorv Park, is located in the Crocodile Park compound in Davao City. Here, you are also inside a giant ball, but instead of rolling downhill, you play in a pond.

First, you are asked to remove your shoes then get inside a deflated translucent ball through a big zipper. Air is then pumped to inflate the ball.

giant ball being inflated at the Walk n' Water Ball Park in Davao City, Philippines

Then you go in the water and stay there for 10 minutes.

Waterball Park in Davao

The objective is to walk on water.

Easier said than done.

walking on water is hard

Since we were a pair of couch/mouse potatoes whose balancing skills are pretty much non-existent, you can just imagine how we fared in this water activity. On second thought, strike that, no need to imagine. You can just watch us wobble on water, stumble on water, kneel on water, and sit on water. Anything but walk on water.

Even though we sucked, we had fun at the waterball park. I even spent a while just lying down and enjoying the coolness of the water. The ball is translucent and air-tight, so you don't see and hear much. For me, that made the experience relaxing.

The guy manning the place during our visit was named Ian. In contrast to the guys over at Zorb Park, he was friendly, cheerful, and chatty. We asked him if the elders could try the waterball too but he said no. According to him, old people have reduced lung capacity so might find the ball a bit suffocating. I felt that the elders with us could handle it without any problems but I did not insist. Better safe than sorry.

In terms of safety, Ian was nearby, watching us while we were playing. Every now and then, he would ask if we were okay or if we already wanted to get out. The edges of the pond were also lined with rubber, so even if you slip, you won't hit a sharp edge.

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