Monday, December 23, 2013

Davao City Series: People's Park

People's Park is one of the most popular destinations in Davao City for tourists and visitors alike.

The entrance has a dome with spikes, inspired by Davao's famous fruit: durian.

People's  Park durian dome entrance
durian dome

We went there on a late Saturday afternoon and sure enough, there were many people doing various activities. Aside from folks who were just hanging out or strolling, there was a  group of gorgeous models surrounded by photographers, people jogging, students practicing their dances, families, couples, and lone visitors.

green and red giant Christmas Tree at People's Park
manmade falls

Entrance is free but security at the entrance is a little tighter compared to what we ManileƱos are used to. Guards really check your bags before letting you in, unlike here in Manila where they just poke your bag with their stick.

There are several sculptures and spots all over the park

giant Philippine eagle sculpture
book sculpture

Some of these unique sculptures depict indigenous people.

sculpture of indigenous people
funny native sculpture
sculpture showing Lumads of Davao City
sculpture of Lumads

Bonus: A creepy-looking sign at the gate, reminding people not to smoke.

creepy no smoking sign in Davao City

The park opens early (5am) so if you're staying at a house/hotel nearby, this is a good place for a morning jog or exercise. Lush trees and landscaped gardens abound.

People's Park benches
green trees
more trees
trees at People's Park
trees and statue
beautiful trees
for strolling or jogging
overpass at People's Park
manicured lawn at People's Park
beautiful landscaping at People's Park
landscaped lawn at People's Park

The place is clean and well-maintained, well, except for the comfort rooms which look old. During our visit, there was water inside the cubicles but none at the sink. Tsk tsk.

People's Park is open from 5am to 8am and 1pm to 10pm or 11pm. From 8am-1pm, the park is closed for cleanup and maintenance. However, I've read accounts that some tourists were allowed inside during cleanup time, perhaps because it was understandable that tourists would not be aware of the park's curious mid-day break. Still, if you're a tourist staying farther than walking distance to the park, better avoid the maintenance period, just to be on the safe side.

People's Park

Palma Gil St.
Davao City, Philippines

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  1. I like how creative the park entrance is. I also like how the security is tight, here in our park, there's no security guard at all!


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