Friday, December 6, 2013

Davao City Series: D’ Bone Collector Museum is an Exotic and Educational Place

D'Bone Collector Museum is a relatively new educational wildlife museum in Davao City. In a way, it is like a zoo, since it showcases animals, but the twist is that the featured animals are all dead: bones, shells, teeth. There are some preserved animals and animal replicas as well.

The ground floor houses a few displays, some framed information about the museum, and a small souvenir shop. The bulk of the displays are on the upper floors.

There are skulls and skeletons of birds and land animals such as horses, dogs, and goats.

horse skeleton
buffalo skull
animal skulls
ostrich skeleton
snake skeleton
dog skeletons

There are skeletons of aquatic animals:

animal skeleton
whale skeleton
whale skeleton
fish skeletons and shells
whale skeleton
shark teeth
turtle skeleton

Included in the exhibits of this unique museum are the remains of a Blainville's beaked whale named Lost and man's role in her sad story.

Blainville's beaked whale skeleton
cause of death of Lost the whale

There are also mounted butterflies, beetles, and other insects and creepy-crawlies.

mounted butterflies
mounted centipede
mounted insects
mounted spiders, beetles, and other insects

For me, the most impressive among the displays is the skeleton of a humongous whale. My picture does not do it justice at all! Trust me, you have to see it. It is mind blowing and quite humbling to stand next to such a majestic creature. Just imagine how huge it would have been before its death, complete with flesh and skin. It could have swallowed you, your friends, and this club. *mind implodes*

huge whale skeleton

Our guide was named Joey. He patiently explained the different displays and answered all our questions about the museum. We had to rush a little since we arrived late but he patiently let us extend a few minutes after closing time.

Joey the tour guide

I lost the address during our trip and could not go online so we asked the locals along the way for directions, but for some reason, many of them (even the ones located near the museum) were not familiar with it. The museum was also not yet on the paper map we bought, so before heading out to D' Bone Collector Museum, better write down the address.

Also, take note of the museum's hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 5pm
Saturday: 1pm to 5pm
Entrance fee: P50

D'Bone Collector Museum

San Pedro Extension (Bucana)
Barangay 76-A (across Nograles Park)
Family Circus Compound, Davao City 8000
Web site
Facebook page

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