Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chicken Teriyaki and Matcha Pudding at go-en the Japanese Ramen Shoppe Plus

We were at go-en Ramen two weeks ago. It had been more or less a year since our last visit. I was glad to see two new things at the restaurant: a shelf full of manga that customers can browse while eating or waiting for their food and some kendama pieces that customers can play with while at the resto (more about kendama in my next post).

I ordered the teriyaki chicken.

Unlike other Japanese restaurants, where chicken teriyaki is served as a rice bowl topping, go-en's Chikinteri does not come with rice so if you want to pair the chicken with rice, you will have to order the rice separately. It does come with a serving of fresh vegetable salad. I rarely order veggie salad when dining out because I dislike the miniscule amount of dressing I get, but go-en's salad is a pleasant surprise. The dressing is more than enough and tastes really good.

chicken teriyaki with fresh vegetable salad at go-en Ramen

The chicken looks a bit pale on first impression when you're used to rice bowl chicken teriyaki with lots of thick dark brown sauce. A bite of chicken quickly wins you over though, since the meat is juicy and flavorful. You will not miss the thick sauce at all. The mayo and the wasabi add layers of yumminess to the already tasty meat.

As of now, this is my favorite goen dish and my favorite chicken teriyaki.

For dessert, I initially ordered the mochi ice cream. Unfortunately, go-en has run out of mochi that night. One of the owners of go-en suggested their new dessert matcha pudding so we decided to try it.

I was skeptical of the matcha pudding at first. You see, I like drinking actual green tea, but I dislike green tea-flavored products in general. That popular Starbucks green tea frappe? I hate that! Arce ice cream? I like all their flavors except green tea. I hate that green tea ice cream with a passion.

matcha green tea pudding at go-en Ramen

So, I was prepared to eat a spoonful of matcha pudding then having bf finish the rest. Another pleasant surprise, though, since the pudding is quite good. The sweetness is just right and the pudding has that green tea taste but not strong enough to turn off green tea non-lovers like me.

go-en The Japanese Ramen Shoppe Plus

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Metro Manila, Philippines 1103
Tel. No. (02)-441-GOEN (4636) / (02)-376-5761
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