Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Your Blogger Image Looks Weird? Google+ Auto-Enhance Might be the Culprit

When I was uploading an image for my last post, I realized that the resulting picture looked different than the one I uploaded. The resulting image looked sharper and with higher contrast.

rebonded hair
original version
rebonded hair picture with Google+ auto enhance
auto-enhanced version

Upon researching online, I found out that other people had had similar issues and some folks had seen more drastic differences. The culprit? Google+ Auto Enhance.

Some time ago, Google integrated Plus with Blogger and also began providing photo editing features. Auto-enhance was introduced but for some reason, it is "on" by default. It is nice to have an auto-enhance feature but to avoid confusion, it should have been set to "off" by default.

To turn off this feature, just uncheck the Auto Enhance box in your Google+ settings page.

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