Sunday, October 20, 2013

Highly Disappointing Ramen at Tokyo Ramen King

We were at Lucky Chinatown Mall last night, checking out the weekend street food market. Bf the ramen lover was tempted to try the piping hot ramen being sold by Tokyo Ramen King. After placing his order, we had to wait a long while. I urged bf to go back to the stall just to check if Tokyo Ramen King forgot about our order. They didn't. I'm not really sure why it took so long, because the staff did not look busy preparing other orders. The waiting time was even longer than in restaurants, but we were eating food from other stalls so we did not feel impatient.

When the ramen finally arrived, bf stood up to buy from another vendor. I sipped the ramen's broth while he was gone. I thought the soup tasted horrible but I did not want to influence bf's satisfaction so I did not say anything. When he was halfway through the ramen, I asked him what he thought of it. He told me that he did not like it -- he was just eating it because it was hot and because he paid P150 for it.

On the way home, bf kept ranting about his wasted P150. I couldn't blame him though. To be frank, the ramen was the worst I've had as well. There were toppings but the flavor was just not there. Add the P150 price tag and the looong waiting time and the ramen became even less appealing.

I'm still open to trying Tokyo Ramen King's maki but I really doubt we will risk spending money for their ramen again. I would rather have Nissin or Lucky Me noodles or even the simple mami sold by street vendors.


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  2. Hi there, I am Ferdie. I love Japanese food and I do reviews for personal purposes of these japanese restos and growing chains dedicated to Japanese Ramen.

    Two weeks ago I was able to come across Tokyo Ramen King at NOEL Bazaar and World Bazaar Festival events at World Trade Center.

    I tried at first their Miso Ramen at NOEL Bazaar and their are selling it for P180 and I was surprised about the quality and taste for the price they charge. I enjoyed their ramen and even ordered another rice toppings. Perhaps, they have improved from the time your BF tried their ramen.

    I went their last Nov 30 2013 to shop.and got the chance to dine and I enjoyed it a lot and even took home one of their Monster Sandwich which I gave to my mom and sister. Next chance was at the world bazaar last weekend and I was with my mom. We enjoyed the meals we had with Tokyo Ramen King specially the price you pay for the quality they deliver. Though, you have to wait to be sitted since their dining is really limited.

    Maybe they were able to improve their product and even got confident enough getting exposed at the major events happening in World Trade. I must say, I will definitely dine again should I get a chance. :)

    Good day ahead and God bless! Chow!


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