Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dunkin Donuts Bunwich: Ham and Cheese; Bacon, Coleslaw, and Tomato

For some unknown reason, I have not tried any non-donut baked goods from Dunkin Donuts before. To correct that shortcoming, I decided to try DD's bunwiches.

I would have ordered the tuna salad or chicken salad bunwich but the only varieties available when I dropped by our neighborhood DD were the ham and cheese bunwich and the bacon, coleslaw, and tomato bunwich. They cost P50 each and the Dunkin Donuts personnel reheated the bunwiches before handing them to us.

The Bacon, Coleslaw, and Tomato bunwich was not as cute as advertised, but that seems to be the norm for fast food in general so...oh well!

Bacon, Coleslaw, and Tomato Bunwich: Expectation
Bacon, Coleslaw, and Tomato Bunwich: Reality
Ham and Cheese bunwich
The bunwiches tasted okay but I can't rave about them. The buns were nice and soft but I have to admit that I felt the fillings were a bit inadequate. I'm still interested in trying the other bunwich varieties, though.

Image credit for bunwich with coffee: Dunkin Donuts

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