Friday, May 24, 2013

Susan Roces' Ritemed Commercial is Unintentionally Funny

I don't know if I'm the only one but I can't help but laugh whenever I see the Ritemed commercial featuring veteran actress Susan Roces on TV.

Video credit: CelebConnect 

What makes it funny for me are the two scenes where Ms. Roces closes her eyes while raising her hand in a sort of a pledge. It reminds me of a pray over for someone's soul. If the advertisement was for a naturopathic treatment or maybe faith healing, the gesture would have looked okay but it looks awkward in an ad for medicines.

But the real reason why I laugh whenever I see the ad is because Ms. Roces' gesture reminds me of Maneki Neko. Yeah, that lucky cat statuette we commonly see near the entrance of business establishments.

Susan Roces looks like Maneki Neko in her Ritemed commercial

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oral prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) at Sambitan Dental Clinic

A few months ago, I bought a voucher for oral prophylaxis for two people (P399) at Sambitan Dental Clinic.

When I texted the clinic to schedule an appointment, I just got a reply saying "Ok". I got a bit worried that the dentist might be uptight and reticent to answer questions (some doctors and dentists are like that -- they are competent but don't like explaining things and answering questions) especially from voucher buyers.

The clinic is located at the 7th floor of The One Executive Office, near the corner of Quezon Avenue and West Avenue and just across Delta Theater (Wowowillie Studio). It was a weekday, late afternoon, and the whole floor was  pretty quiet. Inside the clinic, it was also quiet since only Doc Sambitan was there. No other dentists or assistants around, and only bf and I for clients.

The clinic looked clean and inviting. In fact, it looked a bit like an apartment, with a comfy black couch in front of a TV, tasteful wooden furniture, and religious decors.

Sambitan Dental Clinic TV stand
TV stand at Sambitan Dental Clinic

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dimsum Break (SM North Edsa)

Bf got a Dimsum Break gift certificate from Badudets last Christmas. Of course I tagged along when he redeemed it! We enjoyed our first visit so when we came back to SM North a few weeks later, I suggested we dine at Dimsum Break again. This review covers our two visits.

Dimsum Break SM North EDSA Annex

Dimsum Break offers fried dim sum, steamed dimsum, rice pots, vegetables, noodles, soups, shaopao (siopao), desserts, and beverages.


So far we have tried the following Dimsum Break items: Bacon Shaomai (siomai), Shaomai, Quail's Egg Shaomai, Empress Roll, Mushroom Shaomai, Crab Pincers, Stuffed Shrimps, The Original Steamed Fried Rice, Beef Sate Noodles, and Lomi.

The steamed dimsum we had (bacon shaomai, shaomai, quail's egg shaomai, empress roll, and mushroom shaomai) came in two or three pieces per kind. Except for the shaomai, they were placed in saucers with a little water instead of directly on the steamer basket. I was not impressed with the shaomai but I liked the others. They were all meaty, juicy, and yummy.

bacon shaomai siomai
Bacon Shaomai - P65
mushroom shaomai siomai
Mushroom Shaomai - P65

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Movie Review: The Elephant Man (1980 Drama Film Based on a True Story)

The Elephant Man is a 1980 movie by David Lynch. This was his second movie (the first being Eraserhead) and his first commercial one. The film is in black-and-white and tells the story of a real-life 19th century man named Joseph Merrick.

Image credit: impawards | Wikipedia

The Victorian doctor Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) hears about a severely deformed young man named John Merrick (John Hurt) working at a freak show. This man is called the Elephant Man since some people believe that his appearance is due to his pregnant mother being knocked over by an elephant. Treves pays the show's owner Bytes (Freddie Jones) so that he can examine and use Merrick at a medical presentation. The deformed man is so odd-looking that he has to wear a hood and those who see him flee in terror. After learning that Bytes is abusive towards Merrick, Treves hides Merrick in one of the hospital's isolated rooms. Things become more complicated when he finds out that Merrick is aware and quite intelligent.

Main Cast:
Anthony Hopkins - Dr. Frederick Treves
John Hurt - John Merrick
Anne Bancroft - Mrs. Kendal
John Gielgud - Carr Gomm
Freddie Jones - Bytes

Director: David Lynch


Video credit: David00Banner | Youtube

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