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Larry & Mau Diner (Eton Centris, QC)

Larry & Mau diner is a 24-hour self-service restaurant in ETON Centris Walk. This diner serves burgers, rice meals, meats, tortes, spaghetti, salads, desserts, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


Our group ordered the following: Fish Curry Sambal, Sizzling Sisig, Smoked Boiled Bacon, Seafood Marinara Spaghetti, Fries, Banoffee, and Chocolate Mousse.

The dishes were served in individual bowls and plates. I only got to taste the seafood marinara, fries, choco mousse (my order), and smoked boiled bacon (bf's order) since I felt that it would be improper for me to mess with the food of the other people in our group, given that the servings were good for one only. For those other food, I only have my groupmates' feedback.

Fish Curry Sambal - P110

Two people in our group ordered the fish curry sambal. For them, it was okay and there was no fishy aftertaste. The sauce, however, was not hot, contrary to their expectations.

Sizzling Sisig - P120

Our pal who ordered the sisig said that it was a bit burnt, slightly bitter.

Smoked Boiled Bacon - P175

The smoked boiled bacon tasted a lot like nilaga. There was a hint of smokiness in the tasty broth and generous portions of vegetables. The bacon was not the typical thin ones we buy from the supermarkets, but much thicker and meatier.

Seafood Marinara Spaghetti - P89

The seafood marinara spaghetti was okay. To me, it tasted like the average spaghetti, only with some shrimps thrown in. For the price, it was good enough.

Fries (Regular) - P45

The fries were also okay. They didn't get soggy even when they got cold.

Banoffee - P49
Chocolate Mousse - P49

The chocolate mousse and the banoffee were both served in translucent plastic cups. The choco mousse did not look appetizing but it tasted okay. However, it was not evenly blended; there were sugar and chocolate powder at the bottom.


The food prices at Larry and Mau are pocket friendly. Many of the food here cost below P100 and are big enough to satisfy hungry patrons. Rice toppings go for P99-130, desserts for P49-100, pasta and tortes for P89-95. Beer is priced P39 per bottle while other alcoholic drinks are sold for P60-75 per glass or P275-P340 per carafe.


Larry & Mau has indoor and outdoor seats. Glass walls allow those sitting inside to still enjoy the outside view. Color theme is predominantly black and white. Lighting and air conditioning inside the resto are both adequate even when there are a lot of diners.


During our visit, the place was clean and orderly. Cleanups were done unobtrusively.


Larry & Mau is a self-service restaurant. Diners have to order and pay for the food at the counter. There are leaflets at the counter so new customers don't have to stand there while checking out the resto's offerings and deciding on what to order. Take note, however, that some food items are not included in the leaflets and that the leaflets have Larry & Mau's menu on one side and Uncle Cheffy's menu at the other side (you may end up looking at the wrong menu if you're not paying attention).

Our food arrived a few minutes after we ordered. I just wish the waitress who served our food had looked a little friendlier. To be fair, we may have inadvertently offended her twice and come off as bratty yuppies (1. when one of my companions complained snootily that she served the wrong kind of beer and 2. when I forgot that the place was self-service and asked her for a spoon). Mr. Snooty and I got reprimanded by the group at once, so Ms. Waitress, don't be so glum. Perk up! :)

Larry & Mau Diner

5A ETON Centris Walk
EDSA cor. Quezon Avenue
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel No. (02)376-3950
Facebook page


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