Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NaiCha Milk Tea (Sgt. Esguerra, QC)

NaiCha is a nice little milk tea place along Sgt. Esguerra in Quezon City. They have naicha, plain teas, milk teas with jelly, and fruity juices.

I got to try three of their naicha specials -- Caramel Naicha, Wintermelon Latte, and Matcha. All were good; the best among the three for me was the Wintermelon Latte.

Prices are pocket-friendly. The drinks are available in three sizes: 16oz, 26oz, and 32oz. Add-ons (pearls, pudding, coffee jelly, almond, and rock salt & cheese) go for P15 each. For some reason, the 26oz drinks are just P10 more than the 16oz versions yet the 32oz ones are P20-P40 higher than the 26oz ones. I don't get the logic in the pricing, but that's how NaiCha's drinks are priced.

NaiCha Milk Tea counter
NaiCha Milk Tea interiors

The place is just small and looks a bit like a box -- bright yellow on the outside, white on the inside. There are indoor and outdoor seats. Decors are simple and there are magazines available for browsing while you chill out with your drink. The service is quick and the place is clean and orderly.

unisex toilet of NaiCha Milk Tea

There is a unisex comfort room inside the shop. Like the rest of NaiCha, this inner room is also clean. With soap, tissue, and a bidet. Bonus points for the cute decor by the sink and the nice-smelling scented candles.

NaiCha Milk Tea

52 Sgt. Esguerra St.
(right beside Homer's, across ABS-CBN)
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel No. (+632) 384-4140 / 0916-9120612
Facebook page

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  1. Jeff, who is not a milk-tea fanatic, likes their Wintermelon milk tea too.


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