Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chowking's Wintermelon Pearl Milk Tea

I finally got to try Wintermelon Pearl Milk Tea at Chowking Araneta Square last month. The product seemed like the resto just getting on the wintermelon milk tea craze that's sweeping the country, but I've loved Chowking's Naicha since that one came out on the market, so Chowking's new milk tea was a welcomed move for me.

The wintermelon milk tea I got looked promising due to the nice creamy froth on top. The rest of the drink was lackluster though. The milk tea was not sweet enough and did not taste much like tea. It did not taste much like anything, actually, and gave me the impression that it was very much watered down. The pearls were just ordinary, not the chewy and sticky ones that are enjoyable to eat.

I wished that I had just ordered nai cha.


  1. The wintermelon milk tea I g from Chowking yesterday did not have any creamy froth in it. It tasted okay but I was also having issues with the hard pears. :(

    Next time, I'll order the Naicha

  2. I like Chowking's Nai Cha and this new addition Wintermelon Pearl Milk Tea. I don't like the undercooked pearls though. And their serving size is bitin =)


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