Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aksyon Gordon Campaign Ad: What the Hell?!

I rarely watch TV but I live with someone who does (and at a high volume) and I would occasionally overhear this campaign ad featuring a kid reciting an annoying poem. At first I thought the commercial was for a certain politician whom I dislike, thinking that that politician was low enough to embarrass a kid just to get votes. So imagine my surprise when I found out that the campaign ad was for Richard "Dick" Gordon -- a politician whom I actually support and respect.

Very disappointing!

To the people involved in creating and approving this commercial, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

When election time comes knocking, politicians are known to do cheesy and even eyeroll-inducing stunts -- having campy jingles, kissing babies, singing, visiting slums, getting real-life Juan dela Cruz "mascots" to vouch for them. Still, the Aksyon Gordon ad is beyond lame.

Pinanganak akong maysakit, walang butas aking puwet.

Sure, the ad is catchy but not for the right reasons. Gordon's achievements are overshadowed by the viewers' reaction to the line "Pinanganak akong maysakit, walang butas aking puwet." Some find it annoying; others, hilarious. And this is not a fictional kid we're talking about here. This is a real person.

Call me prude or whatever, but I don't think that discussing a real person's groin or butt problem is something that should be casually done in public for the whole world to see. Like it or not, for many people, such a topic is either seen as gross or funny. Do you go around proclaiming that you have LBM? STD? That you had butt implants or vaginal repair? There is this thing called sensitivity, something which was not in the minds of the makers of this ad when they came up with the concept for the campaign. Just because it's a kid that is being shamed does not make it right. The girl is probably going to be teased a lot for this ad.

If Gordon's campaign team wanted a testimonial kind of ad, why did they not just stick with the kid saying she had an illness or maybe even a birth defect that Gordon helped her overcome? They had to explicitly state the butt problem because it sounded funny and they thought it would tickle the masses (hulihin ang kiliti ng mga tao) and thus be memorable. The kid is being made into a laughing stock. Are we supposed to laugh at medical issues now? Should I go and laugh at someone who has cancer?

Sure, the kid now has an asshole, thanks to Dick Gordon. Another asshole is the one who came up with this crappy campaign ad. And I'm not even going to say who is being a dick here.


  1. I support Gordon too! I have not seen the commercial on TV yet.


  2. I don't watch TV so it's the first time I've seen it but I would still vote for Gordon silly ad nothwithstanding.

  3. these ads help a lot for people to decide.

  4. Thank you for your continued support. Your feedback are noted. We are preparing another ad to be released ASAP. :)

    1. Just saw the new ad last night. Much, much better. Thanks for handling my criticism well. :)

  5. Aww. It's my first time seeing this ad, and I kinda get your point now.

  6. Iboboto ko sya, kasi walang butas aking pwit.


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