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Moshi Moshi Japanese Fast Food Restaurant (Katipunan)

Moshi Moshi is a Japanese fast food joint located in Regis Tower in Katipunan, sharing the same floor with Saint's Alp Teahouse and other foodie havens. This resto serves various rice bowls, bento boxes, snacks, vegetable salads, drinks, and desserts.

Moshi Moshi Japanese fast food restaurant in Katipunan
moshi moshi = "Hello" or "Hi" when answering the phone


I've read good reviews about this place so we decided to go here for a light dinner. We ordered Takoyaki, Tendon, California Roll, Shoyu Ramen, a slice of cheesecake for dessert, and Lemon Iced Tea and Apple Iced Tea to wash them all down. I was hoping to try their Okonomiyaki; unfortunately, it was not available during our visit.

I liked the takoyaki. Not much octopus inside but the balls were soft and the sauce, mayo, and bonito flakes boosted the yumminess. I should have ordered the bigger set (10pcs).

Takoyaki balls at Moshi Moshi
Takoyaki (6pcs) - P55

The tendon (tempura on rice) was okay. The tempura pieces were soft, adequately seasoned, and not overly covered with batter. There were some battered vegetables included though. I narrowly escaped biting into a battered onion slice. I don't eat onions so if that had happened, I would have been mortified. :D

tendon (tempura with rice) at Moshi Moshi
Tendon (regular size) - P145

The California roll, unfortunately, was such a let-down. To date, it was the worst California roll I've had. The rice used was still raw. Whatever deliciousness the rolls contained was destroyed by the half-cooked rice.

California maki roll at Moshi Moshi
California Roll (4pcs) - P79

The shoyu ramen was another disappointment. When it was served, I took a sip of the broth. I found the taste plain, but I did not comment on it so as not to dampen my partner's enjoyment (the ramen was his order). When he began eating, I asked him what he thought of the ramen. He was disappointed with it as well. According to him, it was as if he was just eating Lucky Me instant mami with toppings added. I almost felt guilty for bringing him to Moshi Moshi since he was clearly unhappy with his food. For a guy who is delighted with the humble pares sold in the streets, that is quite something.

The bowl made things worse in my opinion. I may be speaking out of my ass here but I think the use of a plastic green bowl fitted the resto's color scheme but had a negative psychological effect -- making the ramen look cheap, tacky, and unappetizing.

shoyu ramen at Moshi Moshi
Shoyu Ramen - P155

I was pleasantly surprised with the cheesecake. It was a lot better than others I'd tried. Usually, when eating cheesecake, my attention is on something else as I chewed, but Moshi Moshi's cheesecake caught my attention. It is tasty and chilled just right. By the way, the slice in the picture is missing its tip not because the cake was served that way, but because I began eating before I remembered to take a picture (yeah, that still happens to me sometimes).

cheesecake at Moshi Moshi
Cheesecake - P98
lemon iced tea and apple iced tea at Moshi Moshi
Lemon Iced Tea and Apple Iced Tea - P43 each


One thing that is nice about Moshi Moshi is the affordability of the food. The different kinds of donburi (rice bowl dishes), for example, cost P105-P145 for the regular size, P135-P195 for the bigger ones. Some of the items such as the California maki roll, ebi (shrimp) tempura, gyoza, and takoyaki are likewise available in different-sized sets. So if you're just curious to try these items or want to try a little bit of each, you can just order the small sets (3 or 4 pieces) instead of having to settle with a big one.


Moshi Moshi has a very cute interior, really pretty. The resto labels itself as a fast food restaurant yet looks a lot more upscale than typical fast food joints.

The place has a hip and youthful vibe, perfect for its demographics consisting of students and yuppies. The green and white color scheme (hmm this resto should have been near DLSU instead of Ateneo) makes the place look cool and relaxing. I am no spring chicken but I still found the resto squeal-worthy.

Our visit was in early February. Since Valentine's Day was around the corner then, there were stuffed toys and  heart- and rose-shaped knickknacks for sale. There was also a shelf where various Japanese sweets were displayed.

Valentine's Day window display at Moshi Moshi Japanese restaurant
stuffed toys and hearts for Valentine's Day
Japanese sweets at Moshi Moshi

Near the entrance is the counter. Here, Moshi Moshi's food offerings are displayed. Customers have to order here then the food is served to their tables when ready.

Moshi Moshi's counter

On the left side of the counter are replicas of the different donburi dishes. If you want to order a rice bowl dish but find the names of all those -don dishes confusing, these food replicas will be of help.

rice bowl food replicas at Moshi Moshi
more rice bowl food replicas at Moshi Moshi

On the right side of the counter is a nice-looking dining section. The ambiance is intimate and those cushioned seats really look comfortable. The modern lamps are a great touch. If you're coming to Moshi Moshi by yourself and are intimidated by crowds, this spot is perfect for you. Also great if you're with a friend or two and you guys just want to have drinks, desserts or snacks instead of full meals.

comfortable cushioned seats at Moshi Moshi

At the back of the counter is a bigger dining area. The different shades of green really look good against white and brown. Modern Japanese pop music plays softly in the background.

seats at Moshi Moshi
green and white restaurant color scheme
Check out the cool balimbing-looking hanging lamps!


The restaurant is clean and orderly. The is no comfort room inside Moshi Moshi (the CR is outside, shared by the different businesses) but there is a wash area at the farther end of the resto.


We experienced good service. The guy who served our food was courteous and the food did not take long to arrive. The only time service was slow was when I asked for chopsticks, because they forgot my request.

Moshi Moshi

2nd floor Regis Center
#327 Katipunan Avenue, Barangay Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel No. (02) 990-2272
Facebook page

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  1. I only tried eating at a restaurant along Katipunan Ave and my experience was terrible. The Chicken Inasal that we ordered is not good.

    This restaurant looks good huh? Too bad that the ramen tastes like Lucky Me. It is as if you bought instant noodles with a higher price tag.


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