Friday, February 22, 2013

Moonleaf Tea Shop @ Katipunan

After gorging on chicken wings and bagnet at B. Wings, we stumbled upon a nearby Moonleaf Tea Shop branch. I'd been meaning to try Moonleaf but never got around to doing that, so seeing this branch was a good opportunity.

yogurt milk tea and vanilla milk tea at Moonleaf Tea Shop in Katipunan
yogurt milk tea - P85  ||  vanilla milk tea with pearls - P85

We tried the yogurt milk tea and vanilla milk tea with pearls. I was glad to learn that Moon Leaf's milk teas have a good strong taste, compared to other milk teas where the tea seems to be only an afterthought. Of the two flavors we ordered, I prefer the vanilla milk tea.

Service is quick and Moonleaf's drinks are quite pocket-friendly for such large cups. There are three types of drinks available: basic teas (P45-55), milk teas (P60-75), and fruit teas (P50-75). Add-ons cost P10 (pearls, pudding, milk, nata) or P15 (aloe vera).

The place has indoor and outdoor seats. The tables and chairs are all white but the soft lighting prevents the place from looking too stark. Our visit was on a Saturday night yet there were not many people around and the place was quiet. The other patrons had a distraction-free time working on their laptops and reading books.

Moonleaf Tea Shop Katipunan
Moonleaf Tea Shop Katipunan

Moonleaf encourages its customers to communicate and express themselves. Lining one wall are message boards, colorful strips of paper, and several writing instruments. People are free to post their messages on these community boards. Pretty neat idea! Gives the place a fun atmosphere. The only thing out of place are some tables and chairs with chipped/scratched paint. Minus cuteness points for that.

wall messages at Moonleaf Tea Shop Katipunan
community boards at Moonleaf Tea Shop Katipunan

Moonleaf Tea Shop - Katipunan

FB Dela Rosa St.
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Web site
Facebook page

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