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Chicken Wings and Bagnet at B. Wings in Katipunan

B. Wings is a casual restaurant located in Katipunan. This resto serves chicken wings, bagnet, and fish.

B. Wings signage


B. Wings offers two kinds of buffalo wings: originals and specials. The original-style buffalo wings are available in three levels of heat: mild (mildly-spiced sauce with a touch of honey for sweetness), medium (medium spiced with a cheesy flavor) and hot (hot and flavored with herbs and spices such as jalapenos, habaneros, and siling labuyo). There are four kind of special wings flavors: Barack Opakpak (hot flavored using fresh herbs and spices such as African chillies with a touch of cilantro), Black Mamba Wings (Mexican mole-inspired, the bitter-sweetness of cocoa combined with spicy chillies), Caramelized Wings (mildly-spiced with a hint of peanut butter), and P-Noy Wings (non-spicy, flavored using dried herbs and spices, sinigang-like fried chicken with dayap undertones).

For each pound of chicken wings, you can choose two flavors. B. Wings' bagnet, meanwhile, is available in these flavors: Bicol Express, Binagoongan, Dinuguan, and Kare-Kare with Bagoong.

We sampled the medium buffalo wings, the Barack Opakpak, Black Mamba, P-Noy Wings, and the Bagnet Meal.

original buffalo wings (medium) and Barack Opakpak at B. Wings
original buffalo wings (medium) and Barack Opakpak
original buffalo wings (medium heat) at B. Wings
Original Buffalo Wings (medium)
Barack Opakpak buffalo wings at B. Wings
Barack Opakpak

The original buffalo wings and the Barack Opakpak were the first two flavors I sampled. They were both hot and I honestly could not tell one from the other by taste alone since I felt my taste buds getting burned by the chili early on and my tongue numbed a little from the heat. These two flavors were hot but enjoyable. Prepare to be sweaty, sniffy, and a little teary-eyed. :)

P-Noy Wings and Black Mamba Wings at B. Wings
P-Noy Wings and Black Mamba Wings

P-Noy Wings at B. Wings

The P-Noy Wings was a welcome respite from all the hot wings. Unlike the other three we ordered, this one was not saucy. It was also flavorful and had a nice, sour taste.

Black Mamba Wings at B. Wings

Of the four wing variants we tried, the Black Mamba was the one I liked the least. The cocoa in the sauce gave the chicken a distinct, sweet taste. I love chicken wings and I love chocolates, but I discovered that I don't like chicken wings that taste like chocolate. According to the B. Wings' menu, the Black Mamba is their best-selling flavored wings. Bf had no problem with this flavor and did not find the chocolate taste to be as powerful as I did, so I may be in the minority of being a non-fan of this variant.

Bagnet Meal at B. Wings

The bagnet looked a lot like lechon kawali but the skin was crunchy and the meat more tender than the typical lechon kawali. Also, the meat was flavorful enough to be eaten with rice even without the sauce, unlike regular lechon kawali (which I tend to consume with lots of sauce).


Food at B. Wings is pocket-friendly. Solo meals (wings, bagnet or fish, complete with rice, iced tea, and dip/sauce) go for P130. A pound of chicken wings and an order of the belly-belly series (bagnet) go for P230 each and are big enough for two people to enjoy.


B. Wings is a small, enclosed restaurant that can seat around 25-30 people. The resto is predominantly black and red in color, with splashes of silver. The place has a minimalistic, industrial vibe. Tables and chairs are simple and functional. One wall is plain red while the wall facing that feature several prints.

industrial style ceiling at B. Wings
silver table at B. Wings
wall prints at B. Wings

On one side is an open kitchen where the cooks are busy at work. On one corner of the dining area is a corkboard that displays some of the exposure B. Wings got in the media and in the blogosphere.

open kitchen of B. Wings
corkboard showing media and blog exposure of B. Wings


The place looks okay. There are tissues on the table and there is also a sink where diners can wash their hands, so eating chicken wings need not be messy. During the time of our visit, the liquid soap looked a bit too diluted but was strong enough to get the grease and smell off my hands.


Service was good. Our orders were served within 15 minutes. Getting iced tea refills was also quick.

B. Wings

Loyola Heights Condominium, Esteban Abada St.
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. 433-1199
Facebook page

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