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Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream and More at Robinson's Ermita

I have a weakness for ice cream. There's something about a creamy food item that is both frozen and sweet that's hard to resist. For me, it's almost impossible to be disappointed with ice cream. The only one I've disliked is the green tea ice cream by Arce (even though I like their other flavors).

When we went to Robinson's Place Manila last November, we finally got to check out Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream.

Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream and More in Robinson's Ermita

"Teppanyaki ice cream" has a nice ring to it, sounds very exotic and intriguing, but what is it?

Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream tubs
Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream add-ons, toppings, mix-ins

In typical ice cream places, we have ice cream and toppings. In teppanyaki ice cream, the "toppings" are mixed in with the ice cream. Before Yoshi's, another place we had seen using this method was Cold Rock Ice Creamery.

Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream Mocha Frappe Mix being made
Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream Mocha Frappe Mix being made


Good. There are lots of interesting combinations available at Yoshi's. Several ice cream flavors are available and you can have fruits, candies, chocolates, baked goodies, etc as add-ons. If you fancy liquor in your ice cream, Yoshi's also got you covered (they have spiked ice cream combos).

We ordered Strawberry Fields (VeryBerry strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream, white choco chips, almonds, banana slices, rice crispies, wafer chips, strawberry syrup, wafer sticks) and Mocha Frappe Mix. There were quotes attached to the ice cream by toothpicks. One said "There are no mistakes in life, just lessons" while the other said "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything".

Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream (Mocha Frappe Mix and Strawberry Fields)

Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream (Mocha Frappe Mix) close-up
Mocha Frappe Mix

Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream (Strawberry Fields) close-up
Strawberry Fields


Prices are okay, more expensive than supermarket-bought ice creams but if you're into "toppings" or want to experiment with different tastes and texture, teppanyaki ice cream is something to try.

To give you an idea, here are their prices as of August 2012 (when they posted this picture on their Facebook page):


I had no issue with the actual station itself. I did not see anything out of place there. The dining area looked disorderly and scruffy though. After customers left, the tables were not cleared and the seats rearranged. The lower portion of the seats (which were unfortunately colored white) looked dirty. Nothing a damp cloth couldn't fix. From the time we got our orders until we left, no other customers arrived, yet the area looked messy when it could have easily been cleaned up.

tables and chairs at Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream and More
tables and chairs at Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream and More


There was only one person manning Yoshi's during our visit, a female staff. There were two other customers before me and the staff was considerate enough to tell me to take a seat while she attended to them. She would just call me when she was finished, so I did not have to stand in line while waiting for my turn.

Waiting for my turn took around 15 minutes (the two other customers ordered a total of 5 cups of ice cream). When my turn came, the girl looked exhausted so I told her to rest for a minute. She asked me what the time was and looked disappointed when I told her it was 8:30pm. They had a Metrodeal promo valid that time, so maybe she had more than the usual number of customers that day. Still, I would have appreciated buying ice cream from someone who looked happy to see me and who did not seem itching to close up shop and go home.

Yoshi's ran out of plastic spoons so we only got those wooden ice cream sticks. No problem, but there were no tissues as well. Another thing, I ordered Coffee Frappe Mix, sat for a minute at the table and took out my camera. When I came back to the station, the girl was right about to mix the ice cream. She told me it was mocha, as they had ran out of coffee ice cream. I was fine with that since I actually had a hard time choosing between Coffee Frappe Mix and Mocha Frappe Mix, but it would have been better if she told me first and asked if I was okay with mocha instead of substituting the closest thing to my order then informing me afterwards. What if the customer had a different backup order in mind?

Yoshi's Teppanyaki Ice Cream and More
3rd Level Midtown
Robinson’s Place, Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. 577-2390
Facebook page


  1. This is a good review. :-)

    The question is why is there only one person manning this shop? It is ok if what they have is just little booth. The reaction of the staff is understandable.

    1. Yeah it would have been much better if there were at least two people manning Yoshi's. Faster service for the customer and less tiring/boring for the staff.


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