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Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles @ Robinson's Ermita

Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles failed to give me a good impression last 2011. When we stumbled upon their branch in Robinson's Ermita several weeks ago, I decided it was finally time to try their food. The menu listed a lot of items: soups, congee, noodles, rice toppings, around 40 kinds of dimsum, viands, beverages, and desserts. We ordered the following: Plain Noodle Soup, Shrimp Broccoli, Shao Long Bao, Stuffed Tofu, Mongkok Siomai, iced tea, lemonade, and rice.


We were expecting the plain noodle soup to just be a cup since most soups below P100 tend to be that size. So we were surprised to learn that it was much bigger than we expected. It was almost big enough for two people.

noodle soup at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
Plain Noodle Soup - P70

I'm partial towards "X with broccoli" kind of dishes (beef with broccoli, shrimp with broccoli, seafood with broccoli etc). Mongkok's shrimp broccoli did not disappoint. It looked good; it tasted good.

shrimp and broccoli at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
Shrimp Broccoli - P280

One of the shao long pao had a tiny part that looked white and a little raw (see the top of the first dumpling in the photo below) but that did not affect the taste.

shao long pao / xiao long bao at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
Shao Long Bao - P75

The siomai pieces were flavorful and meaty, delightful to eat even when they have gone cold.

siomai at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
Mongkok Siomao - P80

It was my first time to eat stuffed tofu but I liked it. The pieces sit on a sour sauce. The marriage of two of my favorites (tofu and dimsum) prove to be yummy.

tofu at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
Stuffed Tofu - P70

iced tea and lemonade at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
Iced Tea - P70  |  Lemonade - P70


The food is affordable. The dimsums are available in small quantities and each order costs only P60-100 so you can order different kinds for the same amount of money you will spend in other restaurants.


Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles' interiors plays with the colors red and yellow. One part of the resto has yellow cushioned seats and a string of red Chinese lanterns design on the wall. The opposite part has red cushioned seats, a textured wall, and vibrantly colored prints. The yellow side has a more traditional vibe while the red side has a more modern vibe (I prefer the latter). In between these sides are light brown tables and a mix of chairs (some red, some yellow).

red cushioned seat at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
tables and chairs at Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
restaurant interiors of Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles


The place is clean and orderly. The tables are set even when unused. Tissues are available at all tables.


When we arrived, there was only one other customer. Near our chosen spot was a girl doing some paperwork while chatting with a male coworker. I was fearful that we would be treated too casually (I've seen restaurant employees act and speak unprofessionally even in sight or within hearing distance of customers, nothing disrespectful towards customers, just unprofessional: horsing around, using harsh language, surfing the Internet) but soon as we sat down, we were attended to courteously.

The food arrived after a reasonable time. Food inquiries were answered satisfactorily. When I tried to order machang for take out after we had our meal, the waiter informed me that it would take more than 30 minutes to prepare. Mongkok probably makes their machang from scratch; anyway, I appreciated being informed of the waiting period instead of being made to wait for more than half an hour after we've finished eating.

Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
4th Level Robinson's Place Manila
Ermita, Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines
Facebook page

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  1. their noodle soups are kinda oil for me. i prefer north park or luk yuen :D


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