Friday, November 30, 2012

Ramen X (Trinoma)

I've heard positive things about Ramen X so when we were in Trinoma a few weeks ago, we decided to dine there.

Ramen X Trinoma Mall branch


We ordered their Gyuniku Ramen, Yoshi's Ramen, Ebi Tempura, Green Apple Float, and Blueberry Fruit Tea.

Gyuniku ramen is a soy-based ramen with sliced beef. Yoshi's ramen is a soy-based roast pork ramen with pork belly slices. The noodles served to us were a bit half-cooked. Not really bothersome, but noticeable. I'm not sure if that's how Ramen X does their noodles or if the cook just took the noodles off the stove a few minutes too soon. Probably the latter.

gyuniku ramen (soy-based ramen with sliced beef)
Gyuniku Ramen - P189

Yoshi's ramen (soy-based roast pork ramen with pork belly slices)
Yoshi's Ramen - P189

Anyway, both ramens are good and filling. The broth is not as strong-tasting as more expensive ramens we have tried, but that's not a bad thing, since strong broths can sometimes be overwhelming to your taste buds.

ebi (shrimp) tempura
Ebi (Shrimp) Tempura - P99

The tempura batter is a little greasy but crunchy. It is not exaggerated for size. When you bite, you bite into both shrimp and batter, not just batter.

blueberry fruit tea (with basil seeds)
Blueberry Fruit Tea - P60

green apple float
Green Apple Float - P90

Both the green apple float and the blueberry fruit tea are refreshing and just the right sweetness. The basil seeds in the fruit tea add an interesting taste and texture to the tea. The ice cream on top of the float is solid enough so as not to melt before you're halfway through with your food.


Ramen X's items are affordable. I think they've raised the prices of some of their offerings since early this year, but the current prices are still affordable. Ramens go for P149 or P189, rice bowls P99, and milk and fruit teas P60. The ramens are big enough for two people. Too bad Ramen X has discontinued some of their cheaper ramens. Some people are disappointed over that.


I love Ramen X's interiors! The resto doesn't look cheap despite the low prices of the food. Very hip and modern. A good mix of wood, plastic, metal, and glass. Very appealing especially to students and yuppies. The place is also well-lit and spacious. Mirrors line the walls, giving the illusion of more space. The glass doors with a big X on them add to the illusion of space and give the place a slightly futuristic vibe.

Ramen X Trinoma Mall counter
Ramen X Trinoma Mall doors
Ramen X Trinoma Mall mirror walls


The place looks squeaky clean.


Customers have to order at the counter. There is a big, backlit menu right next to the counter, in contrast to cramped, small-lettered menu boards used by many other food joints (if you wear glasses, you know how pesky those can be, with you having to squint and all just to read what's written). The food is then served to your table shortly. Staff members are nice and efficient.

Ramen X Trinoma Mall backlit menu board beside the counter

Ramen X
Level 2 Trinoma Mall
North Ave cor Mindanao Ave
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel No. 628-1603
Web site
Facebook page

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