Friday, November 30, 2012

Ramen X (Trinoma)

I've heard positive things about Ramen X so when we were in Trinoma a few weeks ago, we decided to dine there.

Ramen X Trinoma Mall branch


We ordered their Gyuniku Ramen, Yoshi's Ramen, Ebi Tempura, Green Apple Float, and Blueberry Fruit Tea.

Gyuniku ramen is a soy-based ramen with sliced beef. Yoshi's ramen is a soy-based roast pork ramen with pork belly slices. The noodles served to us were a bit half-cooked. Not really bothersome, but noticeable. I'm not sure if that's how Ramen X does their noodles or if the cook just took the noodles off the stove a few minutes too soon. Probably the latter.

gyuniku ramen (soy-based ramen with sliced beef)
Gyuniku Ramen - P189

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saint's Alp Teahouse (Katipunan, Quezon City)

We tried Saint's Alp Teahouse last month. It is a Taiwanese-style teahouse located in Katipunan, just across Ateneo. There were a lot of people that Saturday night. Most of them looked like students and yuppies, which was not surprising due to Saint's Alp's proximity to Ateneo and Miriam.

Saint's Alp Katipunan Entrance


It was our first time to try Saint's Alp. I was happy to see that this teahouse served not just beverages but also heavier items like rice meals and noodle soups. In the past, I had found myself in coffee shops, hungry and unsatisfied that my only options for solid food were cakes and pastries. Not a problem in Saint's Alp. Good.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Batch of Poor Service Incidents with LBC

I went to LBC in Araneta Square Monumento last Sunday morning. There was a long line of customers so I did some other errands first. When I got back, the line was still long and was not moving. Several people arrived after I did and the line got longer. There was only one LBC staff attending to the customers and for some weird reason, she was taking a long long time doing whatever she was doing. It took around 25 minutes for her to be finished with two customers. The girl in front of me ran out of patience and walked out. The guy behind me was muttering angrily to himself. I could consider myself lucky that none of the people in front of me was there to send packages since packages take longer to be processed (they have to be examined, packed, labeled). I had no idea why the LBC girl took ages to process remittances.

After around 25 minutes since my arrival, a male LBC staff arrived and things finally got moving quickly. I reached the counter five minutes after that guy came in.

I've been to a dozen LBC branches around Metro Manila for at least 50 times and last Sunday was the second worst/slowest service I got from an LBC branch. The worst one was in the Metro Point Mall branch, where customers were on the verge of rioting. I emerged from that branch a bit homicidal, 40 minutes after I entered. A lone female LBC staff was on duty that time too. I wonder if it's the same girl.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Candy Crush Saga is a very addictive Facebook game

I am one of more than five million people currently addicted to a casual game called Candy Crush Saga. It is a single-player puzzle game, a match-3 game to be exact. According to Inside Social Games, as of November 2012, Candy Crush is the No. 4 Facebook game (and top game) in terms of daily active users.

Candy Crush Saga Facebook page

Mechanics of the game:

Candy Crush Saga currently has more than 200 levels and more levels can be expected since many players have already reached the highest level and are clamoring for new ones.

The gameboard shows the different levels. A player can play his current level or replay previous ones. He must complete the level before he can proceed to the next one. At the start of the game, he has five lives. Whenever he fails, he loses one life. Lives are regenerated one life per 30 minutes

Candy Crush Saga board
Candy Crush Saga puzzle level 134

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