Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clara Ole Orange Marmalade (Regular and Sugar-Free)

Several weeks ago, I was craving for pineapple jam. When I got to the supermarket, I was a bit overwhelmed with the choices though. There were several brands and flavors of jams, jellies, and marmalades. I came there set to buy pineapple jam, but all the other similar products seemed yummy too. I think I spent more time standing in front of those bottled delights, trying to choose one, than thinking about the meaning of life.

It was a hard choice, but eventually I decided on Clara Ole Orange Marmalade because I realized that I hadn't tried eating marmalade before -- it had always been jam or jelly. (In case you're confused about their difference, jelly is made from the fruit's juice, jam from both flesh and juice, and marmalade includes fruit peels.) Clara Ole was the least expensive brand I saw that day, so I chose it.

Clara Ole orange marmalade

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Piadina Italian Restaurant (Robinson's Ermita)

Right after buying breads at Dough Joe, we headed to Piadina Italian Restaurant to redeem our Ensogo voucher. Piadina is a small Italian resto on the second level of Robinson's Ermita.


We ordered the Cotoletta di Pollo Trio and the Rimini Mare. Both dishes are served with a bowl of the resto's soup of the day and a glass of iced tea. The soup of the day for that day was broccoli soup. Bf also ordered a separate bowl of Minestrone.

broccoli soup
Broccoli Soup (soup of the day) - P75
minestrone soup
Minestrone - P100
The broccoli soup is hearty and creamy. The minestrone is served with three slices of piadina. It is chunkier than others we have tried and includes a generous amount of eggplant, tomatoes, raisins, onion, and bell pepper.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Movie Review: Green Guys (2011)

Green Guys is an indie crime drama/thriller released last year. It won the Silver Ace Award at the 2012 Las Vegas International Film Festival.

Travis Howard, Andrew Thomas, Billy Adams, and Levi Charles are four young men running an investment scam (Ponzi scheme). They decide to victimize the biggest Mexican drug lord, Tan'el Garcia, who, unknown to them, is being monitored by the FBI. Their meeting with Garcia attracts the attention of FBI agent Mike Northcutt. Northcutt offers Billy immunity if he cooperates with the FBI and gives information about their scam. As problems begin to surface, the four main characters are slowly torn apart. Will they take their white collar crime into something more serious, like murder?

Main Cast:
Kris Lemche - Travis Howard
David J. Phillips - Andrew Thomas
Christopher Redman - Billy Adams
Darrel Davenport - Levi Charles
Nathan Marlow - Mike Northcutt
Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez - Tan'el Garcia

Director: Cole Mueller


Green Guys is a relatively obscure film since it was released straight-to-DVD last year. Its IMDB rating boggles me -- when I came across a DVD copy of this film a few months ago, I remember looking it up at IMDB and seeing a 7.+ rating. Now, its rating is only 4.0.

Don't let the low rating discourage you, though. It's a decent film. There are no A-list Hollywood stars in it, no fancy stunts or CGI but the story is engaging and the actors are good.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dough Joe Bake House (Robinson's Ermita)

We were on our way to a dinner reservation at Robinson's Ermita when we chanced upon people milling about an open display featuring fresh breads. At first I thought the bread store was Breadtalk because, hey, breads surrounded by people wielding trays and tongs. (I really love Breadtalk but I am actively avoiding it since I always go crazy there and come out several hundred bucks poorer.) Then we realized that it was a different store called Dough Joe. The name was new to us and we didn't notice this bread shop during our previous, albeit infrequent, visits to Robinson's Ermita.

Bf was grinning, about to get a tray, but I discouraged him. We are both getting plump and need to slim down; besides, we were already just a few minutes away from eating dinner.

Then we saw the sign advertising the breads as 50% off.

Screw the diet. Screw the weight loss. Breads, come to mama!

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