Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ramon Bautista Stars in Nivea for Men's #LikeaPogi Campaign

I'm really liking Nivea for Men's #LikeaPogi campaign. It stars Hapontukin funny guy Ramon Bautista.

Ramon Bautista for Nivea for Men's #LikeaPogi campaign

I think Nivea made a really good move in choosing him as their new endorser instead of the usual conventionally handsome actors. Aside from not having sky-high TF requirements (I'm just assuming this), Ramon Bautista is a sort of a cult hero. His wit and talent as a comedian, filmmaker, producer and UP film professor give him an air of credibility and give his endorsement more weight compared to some boneheaded pretty face. He looks really Pinoy, not the tisoy or chinito type you see in a lot of ads, and he's not overly handsome and is therefore easier to relate to. At the same time, with Ramon Bautista as the endorser, Nivea is not bastardizing the meaning of the word "pogi". If Nivea chose a smelly-looking ugly guy, the result would have been patronizing. But Ramon Bautista is neat, cute in his own way, and in good shape. The implication is that for you to be truly "pogi", you also have to take care of your body and your health and not just rely on the good old "inner beauty".

Ramon Bautista poses

In short, Ramon Bautista is a perfect fit for the campaign's message: Confident.  Achiever.  Responsible.  Witty.  Sensitive.  Passionate.  Committed.  Meet the new breed of pogi.  These days, being pogi is more than just having naturally good looks, it’s about having the right attitude that truly makes the difference.

Anyway, enough about Ramon Bautista. Let's check out the official video for the campaign: Sino si Ramon Bautista? (Yung Pogi!)

I don't like rap but the song is very catchy and the lyrics is funny. The scenes shown are very Pinoy. The settings are not in posh places but in typical streets and Filipino homes. The mamon-loving Ramon Bautista is shown not just in japorms outfits but also in humble ones, like the pambahay. He is shown happily doing household chores such as fetching water, doing the laundry, cleaning the yard, planting trees, and walking his dog. He respects his grandparents, FOLLOWS TRAFFIC RULES (!!!), avoids pirated stuff, studies hard, and avoids vices and bad friends.

I agree with the message the video is trying to get across. Some men (and boys) have the misconception that one has to be an arrogant jerk to be cool and to be attractive to ladies. They see doing household chores (especially washing clothes), obeying rules, being close to their family, studying hard, and living a clean, wholesome life as being weak or wimpy. But it's the opposite. Being a nice guy earns you respect and makes people want to be with you.

The funniest part of the video for me is the end, when several men wash their faces with Nivea and then as they rinse off, they are suddenly transformed into Ramon Bautista. Awesome approach to the before-and-after effect.

Bonus: Jun Sabayton and Lourd de Veyra also appear in the video.

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  1. Parang Mr. Swabe lang. =) And yes, getting more realistic normal-looking commercial models are waaay better.


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