Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gyu Gohan's Sesame Pork was a Big Fat Joke!

My good friend Badet and her hubby Jeff went to 168 last week and tried Gyu Gohan, a food outlet that serves sizzling food ala Pepper Lunch but at lower prices. You can read Badet's post about it here.

Her post got me curious so when bf and I went to 168 yesterday, I wanted to try Gyu Gohan. Since I would be ordering only one dish (bf wanted noodles from another establishment) and Badet had just reviewed the place, I decided to not review Gyu Gohan or bother taking photos.

But the dismal quality of the food I got made me change my mind about writing a review. Still too dumb to take pictures though.

I ordered Sesame Pork (P79). I don't have any pictures but you can check Badet's post to see what it was supposed to look like.

When I got my food, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. The pork strips looked all-white. Did they just serve me nothing but fat? I thought, but I second-guessed myself since what resto would serve their customers fat strips to go with their rice?

I waited and hanged on to a tiny hope that I was mistaken and that the white things I was staring at would magically turn meat-brown after a few minutes on the hot plate. But nope. Still white. Still fat. Pure unadulterated fat. All of them.

When it comes to food, I'm pretty much forgiving. I once ordered sashimi in Teriyaki Boy, only to be served sushi. I informed the waiter but he asked me nicely if I could just settle with it since wrong orders would be deducted from their salary. No problem, I agreed, no hard feelings. Every now and then I would request for the cook to not put onions in my food (pizza, sisig, etc) but my food would be served onions and all. I don't complain. The cooks and the waiters are very busy and probably forgot my request.

But this stunt by Gyu Gohan really pissed me off because it was done deliberately. I was the only one who ordered that time; besides, what kind of a person could possibly miss the fact that he was serving nothing but strips of fat to the customer?

I told Badet what happened and she joked that perhaps I got the nasty food because I ordered the cheapest item on the menu. I think she's right. Gyu Gohan probably thinks it's hilarious to feed the cheapskates crap that they are about to throw away.


  1. Their menu should be changed to Sesame Pork Fat. They should be honest about that on their menu, if the Php 79 meals are made of fat so that it will warn the customers. No wonder they didn't provide photos of the other items, hindi deserving the picturan.

  2. Sis, did you inform the staff of Gyu Gohan? I believe you have the right to request a replacement since you didn't get sesame pork, but pork fat instead. Yun nga lang, there are times when customers complain, servers do something nasty with the replacement dish.. >.<

    1. Hi Sumi. No I didn't bother. Yup there are some cooks and servers who add gross stuff to food if they don't like the customer, which is why I rarely send items back to the kitchen. I only send food back if it looks like the mistake is an honest mistake and there is a trustworthy-looking manager/owner around.


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