Friday, August 17, 2012

McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix (Screamer)

I've already blogged about my buffalo wing escapades at Wingman, Buffalo Wild Wings, Buffalo's Wings N' Things, and BC Burgers and Chix, so it's no secret that I love buffalo wings. Who doesn't, anyway?

I recently tried McCormick's Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix for some chicken lovin' at home. There are four mix flavors - Classic, Barbecue, Teriyaki, and the hot one McCormick dubbed as Screamer. Among the four, the Screamer appealed to me the most so that was what I bought.

McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix (Screamer Flavor)

The mix's packaging resembles a booklet. Directions are easy to read, thanks to illustrations and a decent-sized font. Preparation is pretty simple:
  1. Cover 1/2 kilo of chicken wings with the coating mix (#1)
  2. Deep fry.
  3. Place the wings in a plastic bowl (or Ziploc bag).
  4. Seal the bowl then shake until the wings are evenly covered with sauce.

McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix (Screamer Flavor) - packets and instructions

This McCormick seasoning mix  is okay. The wings are not as awesome as buffalo wings done from scratch, but they are good enough, especially considering the short preparation and cooking time.

Too hot to handle?
According to the package, with this seasoning mix, you'll be able to enjoy New York-style buffalo wings that are extremely hot. You know how your body reacts when you're eating hot and spicy food -- you begin to sweat, get teary eyed, and start to sniff? Yeah there's a bit of those but to describe the wings as extremely hot is a bit of an exaggeration. Sure, the buffalo wings are hot, but they are not extremely hot. Medium hot, more like it.

One mix pack is supposedly enough for half a kilo of chicken wings. There's 20g of coating mix and 50g of the buffalo wings sauce. While the powder and the sauce were enough to cover the wings we cooked, I was expecting more instead of the bare minimum. I was expecting the finished product to be saucier, like the one in their TV commercial:

McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix (Screamer Flavor) TV ad

For health-conscious consumers, the ingredients and nutritional information are listed below.

McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix (Screamer Flavor) ingredients
McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix (Screamer Flavor) nutritional information

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