Monday, August 13, 2012

Binggrae a Cafe La Vanilla Latte (Korean Ready to Drink Coffee)

Whenever I go to Hi-Top Supermarket in Quezon Avenue, I always rummage through their sale items. Most of those items are 50% off their regular prices. During my last visit, this bottled coffee attracted my attention.

Binggrae Premium Coffee a cafe la acafela vanilla latte
Binggrae a Cafe La Vanilla Latte

For a coffee product, it has a very cheesy name (a Cafe La? Really? Come on!) but the packaging is very cute. It's a Korean product by the way. I admit, I don't like Korean food much, but this one's coffee and half-priced, so I got one bottle to try.

The bottle offers a lot of promises: "premium coffee", "drip coffee", "rich aroma", "Arabica Bean 100%", "Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia premium blend". Does a Cafe La deliver? Yup! It actually tastes pretty good. It's smooth and milky, not too sweet. It tastes similar to cold/iced vanilla latte sold in popular coffeeshops - only this one's cheaper per serving and you can stock up for those days that you want a vanilla latte but don't want to go out to get a cup.

Its regular price at Hi-Top is P70.75 (as of July 2012) for the 260ml bottle. I'm not sure if it's available in other groceries (if it is, the price will probably be a bit higher) or only at Korean shops.

For the health conscious, here's the nutritional information:

nutritional information of Binggrae Premium Coffee a cafe la acafela vanilla latte


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  2. I love that it's milky and not to sweet :). I might get one and store in the fridge for those caffeine-craving days.

  3. Korean milk/coffee drinks are really good


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