Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Disappointing Food at Mexicali SM North...Again!

Out of the five Mexicali branches I've tried, I only get problematic food at the SM North branch. Even when we experienced lousy service at the SM San Lazaro branch last Valentine's Day, at least the food was good.

At the SM North branch, I have twice gotten enchiladas where parts of the tortilla bottoms were cold and hard. The first instance could have been an honest mistake but the second one turned me off the SM North branch. I avoided this branch for a year or two.

Last week, since I hadn't eaten there for a long time, I thought that perhaps the restaurant had changed so I gave it another chance. I was wrong. Our server seemed a bit distracted and got two order details wrong but he was quick to correct them so we were okay with him. But the food! While the enchilada I ordered was good (even though the accompanying rice was a bit dry), the burrito and the chili bowl were a downer. I loved the chili in Mexicali Trinoma -- it was thick and tasty -- but the SM North version tasted bland and was thin that I had a hard time scooping up the sauce with the tortilla chips. Also, my cold tortilla problem just got transferred to the burrito. A big part of the tortilla was stiff. Very unappetizing. Just how does Mexicali SM North store and reheat their frozen tortillas anyway?

Mexicali Restaurant
4/F SM North - The Block
North Ave. cor EDSA
Quezon City, Metro Manila
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  1. I agree about the very lousy service at Mexicali sm san lazaro. I have been a very loyal customer ever since they opened and when I had a problem about their taco which tasted very bad and very different, I was treated without consideration. The manager/owner didn't care about how I felt or if I was a loyal client of his. He said it's impossible that they could make any mistake on their part and so my complaint wasn't given attention. I was so frustrated I just left and left them their yucky taco.

  2. interesting review. do they have vegan food? what does the atmosphere look like? what does the activities in the area look like? who mostly hangs out at this restaurants, such as students, businesspeople, housewives, etc?

  3. Soft Tacos at SM North was a big dissapointment in terms of its small portion. I should have ordered burrito. Enchilada was ok. Filling for its size. Mexicali Tacos (solo) was good for it's size & taste. Added zest for the jalapeƱos.
    I was flabbergasted w/ added service charged because besically they just served the meal and never extended their help. I just asked my brother for anything the unreliable staffs can't help us.


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