Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bake & Churn's Dome Ice Cream Cakes

I love cakes. I love ice creams. Sometimes it's hard to choose between the two, so what better solution than to have an ice cream cake? Off we went to Bake and Churn in SM City North EDSA Annex and got two dome ice cream cakes: Mango Madness for me, Rocky Road for bf. Each cake was 8" in diameter and cost P530.

The cakes were housed in a special box that was supposed to keep them from melting for up to 3 hours (even 4 hours, according to Bake & Churn's Facebook page). I clarified that with the girl manning Bake and Churn's stall, just in case there was a separate container that we needed to buy to maintain the cake's form as long as possible.

Bake & Churn said the ice cream cake would not melt within four hours
the ice cream won't melt up to at least 4 hours

Bake and Churn ice cream cake box
the special box

From SM North, it took me 20-30mins to get home. I excitedly unboxed my cake. Aside from a slight imperfection of the icing design at the base of the cake, the cake was beautiful.

Bake and Churn mango madness ice cream cake
Mango Madness ice cream cake

The Mango Madness cake had a cake layer consisting of vanilla sponge cake and sans rival wafer, as well as a mango ice cream layer. It also had a mango jam and cashew filling and a mango cream frosting. Topping the cake were whipped cream, mango jam, and cashew. I was clumsy in slicing the cake but here's a picture just to give you an idea of the layers.

Bake and Churn mango madness ice cream cake

I got the cake at most half an hour from Bake and Churn but the ice cream part was already a bit soft. I found the cake sickeningly sweet for my taste. That night I regretted eating two slices at once, as it made my stomach queasy the whole night. However, the following day, as with Mister Donut's Belgian Mallow Bites, when the cake had spent several hours inside the freezer, I found it much better and a lot less cloying and sweet. (Is there a scientific explanation for this - food tasting less sweet when chilled/frozen?)

As for the Rocky Road cake, bf said it tasted fine. It had a chocolate sponge cake layer, a rocky road ice cream layer, chocolate ganache filling, and chocolate cream frosting, with chocolate bars, nuts, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup serving as toppings.

There was one big problem with the cake though. Bf had to transport it all the way to Bulacan. His travel time that night was around 2 hours, most of which was spent in an airconditioned vehicle. The cake should be doing fine, right? But it looked awful. The ice cream layer had melted and collapsed prematurely.

Bake and Churn rocky road ice cream cake
top view

Bake and Churn rocky road ice cream cake
side view, ala Leaning Tower of Pisa

Bake and Churn rocky road ice cream cake crumbled
when cut, all hell broke loose

So, will I buy again? Sure. Next time I'll try their other flavors. But I won't recommend the ice cream cakes to someone who will travel for more than an hour.

Bake & Churn Ice Cream Cakes
3/F SM North EDSA Annex
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Web site
Facebook page


  1. I tasted their ube cake and loved it

  2. I love their Mango Madness! I bought one for my mom on Mother's Day and she's thoroughly satisfied with it :D To add, their cakes are really affordable :)

    1. Good thing you didn't encounter any problem getting a cake that day. B&C was awfully busy that time since they were swamped with orders. Nice to know your mom enjoyed the cake.

  3. Hello, i made a review for the same two ice cream cakes :) your article is very nice too.

  4. Hi do they deliver po??


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