Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mexicali Restaurant @ Trinoma Mall

I love Mexicali, so even if our experience in their SM San Lazaro branch was not very pleasant, I couldn't stay away for long.

I was badly craving for a burrito that day. We were in Trinoma and I thought we had to go to SM North The Block just to get some Mexicali love but when we checked the mall directory, we were delighted to know that there was already a Mexicali branch in Trinoma.

Finding the resto was a bit of a challenge for us since it was small and nestled in the cinema section. We hadn't watched any movie in Trinoma yet so we weren't familiar with that area and didn't know there were restaurants located there.


We ordered Grilled Steak Burrito (Regular Size), Ground Beef Burrito (California Size), Sopa de Lima (Mexican Lime Soup) Bowl, Chili Dog, and Chili Cup.

I have tried their different burritos but I keep coming back to Ground Beef Burrito. That and Cheese Enchilada are my favorite Mexicali food. Mexicali's burritos come in three sizes: Junior, Regular, and California. I usually order the regular sized burrito (which I found in the past to be more than enough to satisfy me) but that day, I was famished and overwhelmed with craving so I decided to try the California one (patay gutom mode).

The burrito was not as meaty as I would have preferred but it was satisfying because the rice and the other ingredients were flavorful and the sauces really complemented them. The burritos came with crunchy tortilla chips and fresh salsa.

Mexicali Restaurant burrito
Ground Beef Burrito (California) - P225

The Sopa de Lima was okay -- tangy and warm -- but since I'm more into thick soups and not much into clear ones, I just let soupaholic bf have the entire bowl.

Sopa de Lima Bowl - P75

The chili cup was great and went very well with the tortilla chips that came with it. I wasn't even interested in chili so bf ordered just a cup for himself, but after tasting it, I couldn't stop eating it, much to the annoyance of poor bf. Despite the name, it wasn't really hot so even folks who shy away from hot and spicy food will have no problem with it. Next time, we will order the bigger version - the chili bowl!

Mexicali Restaurant chili cup
Chili Cup - P89


The dishes we ordered were affordable, filling, and very satisfying. I was ready to burst after consuming my California burrito, half of the chili cup, and drinks.

Most of Mexicali's food cost below P200. You can even have a rice meal (with soda already included) for as low as P110.


Mexicali Trinoma is pretty small, big enough for about six groups, with a few chairs at the front for waiting customers. Tables are simple and the chairs are either red or apple green.

Mexicali Restaurant Trinoma
Mexicali Restaurant Trinoma

We chose to dine at a middle table to fully admire this very cute painting they have:

painting at Mexicali Restaurant


Good enough.


We arrived a little before closing time and were the last customers for the day. In contrast to our previous visit, service was lightning fast. Our food arrived within about five minutes or so after we placed our order. Even though we were the last diners, we didn't feel rushed.

The only thing I can suggest to Mexicali Trinoma is for them to have a better way to announce that the resto is already closed. While we were eating (kitchen was already closed), four or five sets of people came in, approached the counter to order, only to be turned away. Some of those people were obvious fans of Mexicali, as we could hear a hint of pleading in their voices: "Kahit burrito lang..." "Sige na, dalawang enchilada lang!" We felt bad for them. I know what it feels like to expect to eat something, then to be disappointed. I think it would have been less "devastating" if the customers already knew that Mexicali was closed even before they entered the place.

Mexicali Restaurant
Level M4 Space 4030A
Trinoma Mall
Edsa cor. North Avenue,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Web site
Facebook page


  1. Hi there!Just dropping by. Great stuffs you have here. :)

  2. Haaay, wala ng ibang gustong kainan ang isa rito kundi Mexicali lang. At laging iisa ang order kaya alam na ng server, haha...


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