Friday, April 13, 2012

LBC's Online Tracker Now Returns Crappy Random Results

I've sent around a thousand packages through LBC since early 2009. LBC had a very useful Web site. It included an online tracking service, a rate calculator, a list of deliverable areas, and a list of branches. The only thing that I didn't like about the previous site's functionality was that you had to click "Track" right after entering the package's tracking number. If you just hit enter, nothing would happen.

LBC "revamped" their site a few weeks ago. This is one of those cases you often hear about: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

LBC's "revamped" Web site

Now, the list of deliverable areas is gone. That minor annoyance of having to click the Track button is still there, though. And there is a broken code somewhere:

Worse, their online tracker has gone to the dogs. It is always down, showing this error message:

Two days ago, I got lucky and was able to use the online tracker. This morning, when I checked one of the provincial packages I shipped yesterday, I was surprised to see that the result said the contents were documents and that the package came from another location. So I tried again. Lo and behold, I got a different result. So I tried several more times using the same tracking number. I either got the 404 message or a random result. I posted some examples below.

not even the same month


  1. Hahaha, maybe their webmaster is already terminated! lolzz

  2. same problem here,. any update on this?

    1. The problem comes and goes. I've already informed LBC about it in April and again a few days ago. If the online tracker is not working properly, you can ask for a package's status through their hotline.

  3. damn said right!! lbc is stressing much their clients for this matter!!!! i for one right now can't seem to track ma cargo!

  4. and all they could say is verify with your shipper!!! suckers!


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