Saturday, April 28, 2012

Musical Night: Amazing Show at the Manila Film Center

We were at the Manila Film Center in CCP to watch Amazing Show, a musical show featuring popular tunes from musicals and traditional dances of different countries.

Amazing Show at the Manila Film Center in CCP
Amazing Show at the Manila Film Center in CCP

The building's front exterior wall featured colorful city designs like this one:

Amazing Show at the Manila Film Center in CCP
Amazing Show at the Manila Film Center in CCP
ticket office, Amazing Show at the Manila Film Center in CCP
ticket office

Amazing Show was open to local and foreign tourists, but the discounted rates were only for Filipinos. Even their Ensogo promo was open only to Filipinos. The ticket's regular price was P500 and it was great that the Ensogo price was only P250 -- it made the show affordable for a lot more Pinoys. In my review of Shakespeare in Hollywood, I lamented that few Pinoys watch plays, so making Amazing Show affordable would hopefully encourage more people too see theater as a good medium for entertainment, instead of viewing theater as only for the rich and the sophisticated.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Digital Perm at Fredy Salon in Timog

I had always had straight hair - naturally stick-straight when I was a kid, straight but slightly puffy as an adult - and for the past few years I had wondered what I would look like with curls. I never got around to getting a perm though, until now.

I bought a digital perm voucher at Fredy Salon from Cleverbuy.

In case you're unfamiliar with the term, digital perming (aka digiperm or hot perming) is a hair curling technique from Japan. It involves the use of hot rods connected to a machine that regulates the temperature. Digi perm uses heat and a solution different from the one used in traditional perm (aka cold perming). Because the rollers are hot and can't therefore be placed too close to the scalp, only the lower part of the hair is permed. Digiperm can be used to achieve big curls and beach waves.

Fredy Salon's Timog branch is located near GMA 7 (and Adonis, hehe).

I went on a Tuesday afternoon (or as The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper would say: prevening). I was the only customer during my visit so there was no waiting. Thank goodness! The whole procedure took about four hours. I arrived at a little past 5pm and left at around 9:30pm.

digiperm at Fredy Salon in Timog, Quezon City

My hair was first shampooed. A cream was then applied and my hair was washed again. Small sections of my  hair were then rolled onto ceramic curlers. Those curlers were a lot heavier than I thought. Those rods were then attached to the (alien-looking) digiperm machine and heated for around an hour.

digiperm at Fredy Salon in Timog, Quezon City digital perm perming machine
digiperm at Fredy Salon in Timog, Quezon City digital perm perming machine

Friday, April 13, 2012

LBC's Online Tracker Now Returns Crappy Random Results

I've sent around a thousand packages through LBC since early 2009. LBC had a very useful Web site. It included an online tracking service, a rate calculator, a list of deliverable areas, and a list of branches. The only thing that I didn't like about the previous site's functionality was that you had to click "Track" right after entering the package's tracking number. If you just hit enter, nothing would happen.

LBC "revamped" their site a few weeks ago. This is one of those cases you often hear about: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

LBC's "revamped" Web site

Now, the list of deliverable areas is gone. That minor annoyance of having to click the Track button is still there, though. And there is a broken code somewhere:

Friday, April 6, 2012

They Were Not Kidding - Nutella IS Awesome!

People in other countries would probably see this as a bonehead post, but since Nutella Hazelnut Cocoa Spread is not big in the Philippines, I only got to try it last month. Out of curiosity mostly, as I spent quite a time hanging out at 9gag and folks there were praising Nutella to high heavens.

We were browsing food items at SM Supermarket in Megamall when I saw a plastic bottle of Nutella . I found it expensive - P161.50 for a 220g bottle - that I almost put it back on the shelf. For someone like me who gobbles up twice or thrice as much bread spread as a normal human being, that small bottle might not last long.

Anyway, when I got home, I ate Nutella before having the sense to take a picture, so here's a picture from the Nutella Facebook Page instead.

Nutella Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

Holy moly! Those 9gaggers were not exaggerating - Nutella really IS amazing!

Nutella reminded me of the chocolate dip of Yan-Yan, which was a favorite snack when I was a kid.
Meini Yan-Yan Chocolate Breadstick snack
image from Amazon

From what I read online, there is now an actual Nutella version of Yan-Yan. Has anyone seen that anywhere here in Metro Manila? Let me know!

People who haven't tried Nutella might expect it to be overly sweet since it's a chocolatey spread. But it's not, at least for me. It goes well with tasty bread, pan de sal, and even crackers.

Oh Nutella, come to mama!

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Second Ensogo Refund Took Only Eight Days. Yes!

When I had a problem with my Mongkok voucher, Ensogo's refund took a mind-boggling 3-1/2 months, 6 email followups, and 4 or 5 posts on their Facebook page. So when Gandiva informed me that I had a problem with the voucher I bought from Ensogo, I thought ugh!

I emailed Ensogo on March 19 to request for a refund and an explanation as to what happened. My email was civil but a bit stern. The voucher in question was worth P300 but since we did not have the option of backing out of paying the regular price (P600) at Gandiva, I thought it would be fair to at least try asking Ensogo to refund me the regular price. Honestly, I was expecting them to just refund me P300.

After two days, I got a reply from Ensogo, saying that they had documented my concern and would be addressing it with the merchant.

March 27 around 3pm, I had not received any more info so I emailed again, asking for an update. The following day, Ensogo replied that my refund request had been approved and that I would receive my credits within two days.

I did not think about it until the end of the month. When April started, I remembered about it and when I checked my Ensogo account, I got P600 credits!

I got no explanation on how our voucher got mistakenly marked as Used, oh well, but at least I quickly got a full refund.

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