Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zark's Burgers @ Taft Avenue, Manila

I was randomly surfing the net when I encountered this picture:

tombstone Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
Tombstone, photo taken from Zark's FB page

rainbow blush 9gag meme
my exact reaction

Needless to say, I had to eat at Zark's!

Zark's is located right across De La Salle University. Too bad it was not around back when I was still a student there. My then-active metabolism would have enabled me to pig out everyday while maintaining my skinny frame.

This review is for our two visits to Zark's. Sorry for the pale, oversaturated pictures. Those ones were taken using my old cellphone.

This is not a place for vegans and other health/figure-conscious folks. Zark's Burgers serves greasy slabs of meat and is not apologetic about it. This is the place to go to when you want to escape your calorie-counting friends who only eat the "right" kind of fats.

The burgers are big and there are tons of choices available (29 kinds of burger last time I checked). I couldn't even graduate to the "Major League" burgers because even the "Minor League" burgers are big and filling. Yes they are greasy, but not the gross kind of greasy. The fries are thick, with the skin on - exactly how I wanted my fries. The veggies are fresh and crisp. The nachos have generous cheese sauce and bacon bits and the salsa is good.

American All-Star Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
American All-Star: classic American cheeseburger

Three-Pointer Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
Three-Pointer: burger with three kinds of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, and cheese sauce)
served with lettuce, tomato, and caramelized onions
Ultimate Burger Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
Ultimate Burger: 1/4 pound burger with cheese sauce on a bed of fresh veggies
and topped with sauteed mushroom and bacon
Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
Unfortunately, bf couldn't remember the name of this burger that he ordered
French fries Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
French fries
Nachos Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
Nachos Galore

The food is very affordable. A good thing, since most of the customers are students from nearby schools. The majority of the burgers are priced below P200, even the major league ones, and the smallest burger is already a quarterpounder. We just had to add P20 for hand-cut potato chips or fries and iced tea. We sort of regretted buying a separate order of French fries, since the ones that came with the burgers were already more than enough. I think you get a better deal here than in more popular fastfood joints. More bang for the buck indeed.

The cost of our food:
American All-Star - P140 (with fries and iced tea)
Ultimate Burger - P150 (with fries and iced tea)
Three-Pointer - P145 (with fries and iced tea)
Fries - P50
Nachos Galore - P85
Additional Lemon Dip - P15

Zark's also got this Jawbreaker challenge. Their Jawbreaker is a triple cheeseburger with Spam, egg, and cheese sauce. If you finish it within 5mins, you don't have to pay! So if you're a fast eater with a huge appetite, you get to leave this place feeling really full, for free.

Zark's Burgers is a smallish, modest diner. It has an easy, relaxed ambiance though. I was urged to just grab my burger with my bare hands, without worrying that other people might find that unladylike. During our two visits, there was also a sort of positive communal feeling. Customers in different tables didn't know one another but we could openly stare and smile at Jawbreaker challengers, commenting about their progress while silently cheering them on, without the challengers feeling annoyed or self-conscious. In other places, that would have probably been met with dagger looks.

seats Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
counter Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
entrance door Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila

One other thing that I like about Zark's is the humor. They poke fun at vegans as well as themselves. Some of their quotable quotes online:
  1. We don't fucking care about the calories jabronie
  2. Life without bacon is a life not worth living.
  3. Greasiest burger in Manila. lol
  4. I love vegans. lol
  5. We are the most overrated burger joint in the Metro! haha. Overhyped. :))

During our first visit late last year, they also had these shirts up on display:

funny t-shirts Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
Loved that "Vegans suck!" t-shirt

There is also a Hall of Fame, featuring customers who were able to finish a Tombstone within 10 minutes. Bf and I wondered why there was not a single girl there. Were the ladies really not up to the challenge, or were there successful ones but did not want to ruin their feminine, colegiala image? It would be awesome to see a girl in the Hall of Fame!

hall of fame Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila

Clean. I was worried that smoke would fill the dining area since the resto was just small, but nope, no smoke at all.

We got terrific service on both our visits, even though we used a voucher on the second one. The staff were polite, accommodating, and cheerful. In fact, they were a lot warmer and friendlier than staff in more pricey restaurants we'd tried. 

Zark's Burgers
2/F Archer's Nook Bldg.
Taft Avenue, Manila (in front of DLSU-Manila)
Facebook page


  1. I have a coupon for Zark's! :D Hopefully I get to use it already after the Holy Week. Would love to try their burgers, I don't think I'll be ordering the Tombstone though.

  2. OMG that tombstone is huge!!! I don't think I can finish even half of it! haha but would love to try! ;)

  3. This is like a stone's throw from where I live! My boyfriend is a big fan of burgers, too, so I've sent him the URL of your blog post. :) However, I'm going to tell him to watch his health after he eats the burger. And I think he can finish the burger challenge - I just hope his heart doesn't give out! (Oh, well, I can always do CPR on him afterwards...) Good thing I read this blog post; I have something new to try before Holy Week. :)

    See you around in the blogosphere,
    Stef dela Cruz

  4. Wow!!! That huge burger is already enough for my lunch and dinner.

  5. My cousin from DLSU loves this joint! I haven't tried it though kasi dadayuhin ko pa siya. :( Must try to visit Zark's soon! :D

  6. American All Star looks wow. Bat mukhang masarap masyado? Ultimate burger looks O___O too.

    Dropping by) =)

  7. Talk about giant burgers, wow! Made me crave for a midnight snack. :)

  8. uy mura na yung price nila for that kind of serving ah!!!

    1. yup. sa ibang resto P300+ na siguro yung smaller burgers ng Zark's, wala pang drinks.

  9. Thank you for the comment you posted on my blog! :)

    This is so BAWAL for me (LOL) but that burger looks so sinfully good!!! I'll try it out when I visit Manila so until then.... I shall diet and prepare. :))))

  10. Thumbs up with Zark'sburger .I really like bacon in my burger.bacon added flavor and taste to the burger.

  11. Wow, this is the perfect place when I am hungry, I love beef!

  12. been wanting to try this. ang layo lang. i love greasy burgers and yeah, i'm not in any way vegan. lol

  13. i'm not a vegan so perfect to sa kin'hehe! medjo malayo yun Taft dito sa min'. I hope there;s zark too here in south . .like your post today hehe! where's your gplus btw can't see hehe!

    1. update: nakita ko na po..keep on blogging =)

    2. there's already zark's branch here in the south. uhm. located in bf paranaque

    3. may branch sila sa BF, baka mas convenient sayo yun :)

  14. woah! the tombstone burger is really huge! :)

  15. tried their king james tomahawk burger (just the plain hamburger) and it's good. i bet those with toppings are delish also!! i hope they have more branches

  16. natry ko na ark's way back nung student pa ako pero ndi ko pa natry yung tombstone eh.

  17. Ay itry na yan ... gusto ko yung tombstone!

    1. I'll look forward to seeing your pic in the Hall of Fame then ;)

  18. awww it would have been perfect for me if the burger just have the bacon and mushroom minus the beef patties! i'm allergic to beef big time but love bacon and mushroom!

    1. I'm not sure that can still be called a burger if there's no patty (more like bacon and mushroom sandwich hehe) but I saw a post in Zark's FB page saying that they accommodate custom burgers as long as they have the ingredients, so they can probably make you one without the patty.

  19. My last visit at Zark's was great, tried their tombstone and really liked it.

  20. Replies
    1. nope. hey, you're a seasoned buffet eater, the challenge is right up your alley :D

  21. tried their simplest burger (Tomahawk) and i liked it :D

  22. Whoa! The Jawbreaker is really huge! I'd like to try the grilled burger at Zarks!


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