Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This Meat Lover Loved the Vegetarian Pasta Dishes at Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

Read here for Part 1: Shooting Arrows at Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range and the Problem with our Ensogo Voucher

We hadn't had lunch at it was already mid-afternoon - we were starving! Looking at the menu board at the counter, at first we were a bit agitated because we thought Gandiva Cafe only served beverages and light snacks. Thankfully they did have pasta dishes available that day and we were handed the complete menu. There was one "catch" though: they only served vegetarian dishes.

To me, a meat lover, that was scary. Even if they had veggie meat. I had tried dining at a vegetarian restaurant before and I didn't like it. The food tasted funny to me. But we were already there - seven floors up One Corporate Center - and we were famished, so we took their menu and decided on what to order.

Bf ordered Spicy-Nut Sundried Pasta and Cranberry Fizz while I ordered Creamy Ham and Mushroom Pasta and Mango Yoghurt.

Spicy-Nut Sundried Pasta (a hint of spicy and nutty flavors blend
plus the added sweet and tart sundried tomatoes)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Shooting Arrows at Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range and the Problem with our Ensogo Voucher

I bought two Gandiva vouchers through Ensogo. Unfortunately, we were late for our appointment. At first, the Gandiva personnel refused to accommodate us, saying that our appointment had become invalid since we were more than 15 minutes late. We were at fault, no argument about that, but we were still hoping that we would be accommodated since all the other voucher merchants had accommodated us even if we were late. I got a little annoyed when the Gandiva guy stated that the 15-minute limitation was printed on the voucher when it was not. Anyway, after a few minutes, he said that he would ask his boss. The voucher cost P300 each. Bf and I did not want to kiss our P600 goodbye so we crossed our fingers. When the Gandiva personnel returned, he said they would accommodate us. Whew! and Yipee!

Even though we were off in a not-too-smooth a start, that Gandiva guy assisted us well during our stay. He was the one who briefed us newbies on how to use the equipment and how things were done in the archery area.

First, he taught us how to attach the bracer (arm guard that protected the inside of the arm holding the bow from being hit by the bow string and that prevented clothes from catching the string) and finger tab (for the fingers of the other hand). He attached our paper targets on the boards and brought us our bows and metal arrows contained in quivers. Bf's quiver was a belt-type one while mine had a hook for attaching to a belt hoop. He then told us how to position ourselves and how to draw and fire an arrow.

bows at Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our First Time to Try Impressionistic Acrylic Painting @ Design Perception

There are people who say that they have two left feet. Well I guess I have two left hands. Although I liked drawing when I was a kid, as I grew older, art and I went our separate ways. I continued to admire art from afar and was perpetually jealous of artists.

I heard about Design Perception Visual Art & Creative Studio in Quezon City. They were offering basic creative art lessons. Bf and I decided to drop by for a 2-hour session. I was a little nervous, since I could only draw stick figures - my definition of 'basic' might be different from theirs.

The studio was a lot smaller than I expected. At the front was the reception area. The walls were white, made interesting and alive with colorful paintings.

Design Perception Visual Art and Creative Studio
reception area
Design Perception Visual Art and Creative Studio

Behind the wall with the octopus design was the study area. Artworks, art books, and art supplies were neatly arranged, maximizing the space.

Design Perception Visual Art and Creative Studio
Design Perception Visual Art and Creative Studio

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Special Icy Champoy

I'm really a sucker for great packaging or color. Majority of my impulse buys, especially food items, are influenced by either a cute color or a shiny packaging, like that fruitcake I bought from Rustan's.

I was at 7-11, sipping coffee and eating donuts, when my gaze fell on this Special Icy Champoy. It was at one of the end shelves, near eye-level, and stood out from its shelfmates which were in light colored packaging. It cost P16 (50g) - not a big loss even if it turned out to be horrible - so I bought one.

special icy champoy

I love champoy, prunes, and other chewies, but I wasn't impressed with this one. The berries looked like tiny, squished versions of the ones in the picture. They tasted okay, but they were so tiny and since they still had seeds, there wasn't much to chew. Anyway, curiosity satisfied but I probably won't buy this again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Movie: Unthinkable (2010)

Muslim convert and ex-military bomb expert Steven Arthur Younger sends the US government a tape showing him in three rooms, each with a nuclear bomb. The bombs are to go off in a few days and will kill six to ten million people. Helen Brody, an FBI agent, must find the bombs while H, a CIA "consultant" questions the suspect after the latter has been arrested. The terrorist does not crack even as H tortures him. H may have to do the unthinkable.

Main Cast:
Samuel L. Jackson - Henry Harold 'H' Humphries
Carrie-Anne Moss - Agent Helen Brody
Michael Sheen - Steven Arthur Younger


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zark's Burgers @ Taft Avenue, Manila

I was randomly surfing the net when I encountered this picture:

tombstone Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
Tombstone, photo taken from Zark's FB page

rainbow blush 9gag meme
my exact reaction

Needless to say, I had to eat at Zark's!

Zark's is located right across De La Salle University. Too bad it was not around back when I was still a student there. My then-active metabolism would have enabled me to pig out everyday while maintaining my skinny frame.

This review is for our two visits to Zark's. Sorry for the pale, oversaturated pictures. Those ones were taken using my old cellphone.

This is not a place for vegans and other health/figure-conscious folks. Zark's Burgers serves greasy slabs of meat and is not apologetic about it. This is the place to go to when you want to escape your calorie-counting friends who only eat the "right" kind of fats.

The burgers are big and there are tons of choices available (29 kinds of burger last time I checked). I couldn't even graduate to the "Major League" burgers because even the "Minor League" burgers are big and filling. Yes they are greasy, but not the gross kind of greasy. The fries are thick, with the skin on - exactly how I wanted my fries. The veggies are fresh and crisp. The nachos have generous cheese sauce and bacon bits and the salsa is good.

American All-Star Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila
American All-Star: classic American cheeseburger

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Service Full Body Massage from Excellent Massage & Mobile Spa

I had never been much into professional massages. I felt that having a massage would be an exercise in futility since I would lose whatever relaxation I would feel with all the traffic, heat, pollution, and congestion when going home from the spa. So although there were tons of promos on massages, I never availed one.

Until I saw Excellent Massage and Mobile Spa's promo in CashCashPinoy. Theirs was a home service massage, longer than most massage offers I had seen (you could choose either 90mins or 120mins) yet very affordable (P190 instead of P375 for the 90min massage and P250 instead of P500 for the 120min massage). Scheduling was flexible, since they operated 24/7 and the offer was valid anywhere in Metro Manila. I bought four vouchers - one for me, three for an elderly relative who had been complaining of muscle and joint aches.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sushi Buffet and More @ Sakae Sushi SM North Annex

I had been wanting to try Sakae Sushi just to try their sushi conveyor belt system, but it kept slipping off my mind. One time, while walking around SM North Annex, we passed by Sakae Sushi so I dragged bf to finally check out the resto.

I plopped down on one of their dining couches and ogled the food parade on the conveyor belt. Bf was curious as well, but his love for steaming hot noodles exceeded his love for mechanical objects that night, so he ordered Curry Udon instead of trying out the sushi buffet. Eyeing rows of cute colorful soda bottles near the wall, we inquired with the waitress and decided to sample one of those sodas. The Blueberry Ramune soda had a unique bottle with a marble-like component. The unique design fascinated us; we took home the bottle.

Sakae Sushi SM North Annex
sushi buffet Sakae Sushi SM North Annex

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