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Chicken Wings All You Can @ Buffalo Wild Wings

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings twice this week for some chicken goodness. They were having a chicken-wings-all-you-can promo through CashCashPinoy (P199 instead of P625).

Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines
view from across the street

Unlike Wingman, which offered around a dozen flavors, Buffalo Wild Wings had only one flavor for their wings. The wings had four levels of spiciness: Piccolo, 5-star, Super Lolo, and Goodbye Philippines. We tried Piccolo and found that hot enough for us, so that was the spiciness level we always ordered. Aside from the wings, we also ordered fish fillet with potato wedges. The fish fillet was served with fries though, not potato wedges.

I tended to be more partial towards non-saucy wings but I liked BWW's version. They were crispy and juicy even though they were covered in sauce. The Piccolo level was just right - hot enough but not too hot so as to obscure the taste of the chicken. I liked the fish fillet as well. It was not greasy and tasted more like meat than fish.

On our second visit, we ordered their milk tea. Skip that, it had no taste, very watery.

Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines chicken wings
2pc buffalo wings
Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines chicken wings
closer look: wings, level Piccolo
Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines fish fillet
fish fillet with potato wedges fries

Here's Buffalo Wild Wings' menu:

Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines menu
The food looked affordable on the menu. They were not very filling though. Better order rice to feel satiated.

I didn't notice it then, but as starters, fries were P20 cheaper than potato wedges, so our fish fillet served with fries was lower in value than what we paid for.

The P199 I spent for my unlimited wings was worth it. I was able to consume 10pcs (5 wings, each cut into two). I couldn't understand though how the deal was worth P625 because with their system of serving, it was hard to eat as much chicken as one would like. It was hard to gauge if the "original price" was not exaggerated since the chicken-wings-all-you-can was not in the menu. According to the waitress, they didn't have it in-house but was only offered via CashCashPinoy.

The restaurant had a red and white motif. A large but soundless TV was on one wall. During our two visits, the TV played Victoria's Secret shows. The shows were okay, but if I were running a resto, I wouldn't be showing pretty and skinny girls to my customers. I wouldn't want anyone to be thinspired and feeling guilty (girls are especially prone to this) while eating fried food. Instead, I would show something that would encourage them to eat and order more. Just saying.

Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines
Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines
Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines
Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines

Good enough. My only complaint was that their hand soap (in the comfort room) was very watery. It was as if you were washing your hands with water and water instead of soap and water.

In terms of attitude, the two girls who attended to us on our two visits were both nice and polite. But there was a problem with the consistency as well as the protocol of BWW for their promo. On our first visit, we were not served rice - just two wing pieces and then we would have to request for refill (2pcs each time) until we were full or until 9pm (end time for the promo). Getting a refill took time, especially since the resto was full (probably populated by like-minded voucher holders who love claiming their vouchers at the last minute). I only got to eat 10pcs and was still hungry and wondering how it would be possible to eat P625 worth of wings with their serving system.

On another table was a big group. I thought there would be drama because one of the group got pissed at the waitress. There was a misunderstanding - he had not been served his refill but the waitress thought that he had been served (the chicken she served was for another member of the group).

On our second visit three days after, the first serving included rice. I remarked about it and the waitress said that the promo really included rice and that maybe they just ran out of rice during our previous visit. I wasn't sure if they just failed to serve us rice then or was just covering for management (maybe the management thought people were eating too many chicken wings and so included rice).

Buffalo Wild Wings
ITC Building
Panay Avenue cor. Timog Avenue
Quezon City, Metro Manila
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