Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chicken Wings All You Can @ Buffalo Wild Wings

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings twice this week for some chicken goodness. They were having a chicken-wings-all-you-can promo through CashCashPinoy (P199 instead of P625).

Buffalo Wild Wings Quezon City Philippines
view from across the street

Unlike Wingman, which offered around a dozen flavors, Buffalo Wild Wings had only one flavor for their wings. The wings had four levels of spiciness: Piccolo, 5-star, Super Lolo, and Goodbye Philippines. We tried Piccolo and found that hot enough for us, so that was the spiciness level we always ordered. Aside from the wings, we also ordered fish fillet with potato wedges. The fish fillet was served with fries though, not potato wedges.

I tended to be more partial towards non-saucy wings but I liked BWW's version. They were crispy and juicy even though they were covered in sauce. The Piccolo level was just right - hot enough but not too hot so as to obscure the taste of the chicken. I liked the fish fillet as well. It was not greasy and tasted more like meat than fish.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teeth Cleaning with Fluoride Treatment and Dental Exam at Chic Smile Dental Clinic

I learned about Chic Smile Dental Clinic through their Twangoo promo.

Chic Smile Dental Clinic

Booking was a breeze. They were considerate when I had to rebook at the last minute because I had allergies on the day of my visit.

The deal included professional teeth cleaning (also called oral prophylaxis), fluoride treatment, and dental examination. Oral prophylaxis involves cleaning and polishing the teeth to remove plaque and tartar, prevent tooth decay, and visibly reduce stains.

I communicated with Chic Smile via text messages. They replied promptly and were always polite and professional. I appreciated that, because I had encountered several merchants who put landline and cellphone numbers on the deal's terms yet when I texted them, they never replied.

The clinic was not that big, but it was clean and cosy, with a simple yet modern design. The treatment room was spacious, well-lit, and also modern-looking. The dental equipment looked up-to-date.

Chic Smile Dental Clinic reception area
reception area

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lousy Mexicali Valentine's Day Dinner at SM San Lazaro

Before I start my rant, let me just make everything clear: I'm a Mexicali fan. When I was introduced to Mexicali six or so years ago, I loved the food so I introduced it to my friends in return.

The SM San Lazaro branch was relatively new. I used to be at SM San Lazaro almost weekly but alas, the Mexicali branch opened after we transferred to a new residence so I only got to try that branch last Valentine's Day.

Mexicali Restaurant Philippines SM San Lazaro
picture taken from the Mexicali Facebook page

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan: 20 Taon Art Exhibit at the Ayala Museum

I visited the Ayala Museum thrice last year for the Ambeth Ocampo lectures. After the lectures, we roamed around to see the artwork displayed on the ground floor. The Ilustrador ng Kabataan exhibit was my favorite among the three exhibits I had seen because there were lots of artwork there that appealed to my taste. I also loved the lively and fun way Ayala Museum displayed them -- brought my inner child out :)

Ilustrador ng Kabataan art exhibit at Ayala Museum
Ilustrador ng Kabataan art exhibit at Ayala Museum
Ilustrador ng Kabataan art exhibit at Ayala Museum

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Manila Bay Cruise by Sun Cruises Inc.

Pakyaw held a widely-popular promo for Sun Cruises' Manila Bay Cruise (Regular price: P550, discounted price: P188). It was for a 1 hour and 15mins cruise of the Manila Bay waters, with live music and a set dinner included.

A lot of people availed the promo (13805 vouchers were sold) but there were three sailing schedules everyday from Sept 23, 2011-Jan 31, 2012 (excluding holidays) so everyone could be accommodated. A month after purchase, Pakyaw sent emails to the voucher holders, informing us that for safety and legal reasons, pregnant women on their 4th month and up would not be allowed to take the trip unless they had a medical certificate and were willing to sign a waiver. It would have been better if that info was posted in the deal's terms so that such pregnant women would have known that limitation before they bought vouchers, but it was good that Pakyaw took the time to email that update to the buyers.

Voucher holders were asked to call for reservations at least 3 days in advance (6 numbers were given - 5 landline numbers and 1 cellphone number) but the reservation was not without hassle. I texted the cellphone number and got no reply. I called around 4:30pm to confirm if my text reservation was scheduled but the person who answered the phone told me that reservations were handled by another department and were only entertained before 4pm. I called again the next day to reserve two slots, but the reservations agent gave me their email address and asked me to email our voucher numbers, order number, and our names, ages, and nationalities. Then why did they bother to post a lot of numbers in the deal's terms? They should have spared the buyers as well as their staff the hassle and just posted that buyers should email them the needed info to book for reservations. I also wondered why they asked for our nationalities, but bf said that it could be for statistics or marketing purposes. Fine!

Sailing schedule was as follows: 1st sailing 4:30pm-5:45pm, 2nd sailing 6:15pm-7:30pm, and 3rd sailing 8:00pm-9:15pm. Buyers should be at the docking area behind Folk Arts Theater at least 30 minutes before sailing time. We arrived around 4:30 and since it was such a beautiful day, we used the extra time to walk around the area - stalking cats, eating barbecue, and taking pictures of plants and the surroundings.

Manila Bay
Manila Bay
Sun Cruises Manila Bay cruise ships at the dock

Thursday, February 2, 2012

California Berry Low-Calorie, Nonfat Frozen Yogurt (SM North The Block)

Finally got to try California Berry's frozen yogurt. According to California Berry, their yogurts are low-calorie and nonfat. Most Pinoys nowadays don't care much about calories or fats, they (we) just want something yummy. But if you're a health buff, well that's certainly a bonus.

California Berry SM North EDSA The Block Frozen Yogurt

I chose cherries, almond clusters, and choco chips as my toppings. The yogurt itself was smooth and creamy, with a good contrast of sweetness and tartness. The toppings were enough (we did not feel shortchanged) and fresh. Bf was even tempted to buy another cup. In our next visit, I chose strawberries and white choco chips as toppings. The strawberries were fresh, not overly ripe or squishy, but I did not like the white choco chips (tasted a bit like chalk) so I will be skipping those chips on my future visits.

California Berry SM North EDSA The Block Frozen Yogurt
California Berry SM North EDSA The Block Frozen Yogurt

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