Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rustan's Fruitcake

When you say "fruitcake", many people have this reaction:

My reaction towards fruitcake in general is more like this:
In fact, I was craving for fruitcake the past few weeks.

Bf and I were at Rustan's Supermarket, ogling at fancy cheeses, when something in the nearby pastry area caught my eye:

Rustan's fruitcake in native box
Rustan's fruitcake in native box
with the ribbon and plastic wrapper removed

I loved the packaging! The native packaging had golden strings intertwined with the fibers and the brightly colored ribbon had gold edges. I lifted one up to see what kind of loaf was inside and the label said "fruitcake". I remembered my cravings the past few nights so I bought one even though I found it expensive. I admit it, I have a weakness for pretty packaging.

Rustan's fruit cake

At home, I ate a slice. The alcoholic taste was very strong, very different from what I was expecting. I immediately regretted buying the fruit cake and surrendered any plans of eating the whole thing just to keep my pride intact. My aunt tasted it and found the taste overpowering too. When a male guest came over, we gave him a slice. He agreed with us regarding the taste but was nice enough to accept the fruitcake when we gave it to him to take home, otherwise that loaf would be staying in the fridge for a long time.

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