Sunday, January 29, 2012

4D Mega Rider Virtual Reality Rides at Tutuban Mall

We tried three 4D virtual reality simulators at the 4D Mega Rider at Tutuban Mall: Snow Rider, Amazing Deep Sea, and Bermuda Triangle. They were enjoyable (Snow Rider would be great during summer!) but riding three rides one after the other was a bit overwhelming, especially for my bf who ended up sniffing White Flower afterwards to calm his innards.

For some reason, we found the Tutuban Mega Rider to be more dizzying than the 4D Max Rider in SM Manila, even during our first ride. I'm not sure if it was just because of our nervous anticipation or if it was because of the difference in the quality of the graphics or the machines. I don't think the 4D riders at Tutuban and SM Manila are owned by the same company (if I'm wrong, please correct me). I checked online and it seems that Mega Rider machines use a pneumatic system while Max Rider machines use electric servomotors. Mega Rider in Tutuban had fewer themes to choose from but were a lot more affordable (P80/ride while the one in SM Manila cost P120/ride).

the available themes

A TV screen by the booth entrance showed the people during their rides. It was a little embarrassing to know that others would be seeing your freaked-out face but at the same time, it was also reassuring to know that the staff would be aware if the customers needed assistance during the rides.

After our rides, I was thinking that I couldn't recommend the mega rider to kids. Upon exiting the virtual reality booth, however, I saw a couple of kids in the waiting area. One guy rode with his kid and the kid looked fine on the screen. Afterwards, two young girls went inside for their ride as their father (or guardian) waited outside and watched them via the TV screen. These two kids also looked perfectly okay, not scared or agitated in any way.

Star 4D Mega Rider
Center II Building
Ground Floor Unit M2-G017
Tutuban Mall
Manila, Metro Manila
Web site
Facebook page

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