Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lipo-Sculpt Cavitation at La Estetica (Tomas Morato)

Our first session of lipo-sculpt cavitation was at La Estetica's Pasig branch. Since their Tomas Morato branch was more conveniently located for us, we decided to have the second session there. This time around, we had an easier time booking for a reservation by phone. Unfortunately, we arrived a little late and there were a lot of clients that time so they were not able to accommodate us, but the staff were nice enough to extend our vouchers' deadline. We came back the following week.

La Estetica Tomas Morato
La Estetica Tomas Morato

The one who attended to us was a male staff, just like in their Ortigas branch. Like in our previous session, the staff was also nice. The procedure was a little different though. There were no belt-like metal plates attached to my abdomen at the start of the session. I asked the staff why and he said that it was because he was using a different machine, and with that machine, the metal plates were not needed. The guy's pressure in rubbing the handpiece was stronger and halfway through the session, it began to be a little uncomfortable near my pelvis area (where there was less fat than in the other areas). After the treatment, though, I did not feel any soreness like I did in the first session.

La Estetica Tomas Morato Christmas tree
La Estetica Tomas Morato

So, would I recommend this treatment? Hard to say. In my first session, the staff told me that results would be visible after two sessions. Well, there was no visually recognizable difference after two sessions, but we did them half-assed so that was probably why (there should only be 1-2 weeks in between treatments but we came back after a little more than a month; no measurements before and after). Anyway, if you're interested in lipo-sculpt cavitation, better try at least 8 sessions and keep your schedule regular (I overheard a slim girl sitting next to me say that she bought 8 vouchers). As for us, we don't have the funds nor the patience to go every two weeks so now that our curiosity has been satisfied, we will be losing our excess pounds through the hard way a.k.a exercise.

Lipo-Sculpt Cavitation at La Estetica (Tomas Morato)
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Tomas Morato cor. Scout Madrina
Quezon City, Metro Manila
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