Monday, December 12, 2011

6' Christmas Tree I Bought from Metrodeal (JT Photoworld)

I wasn't planning on buying a Christmas tree this year. Our family wasn't really into them and I could only remember one Christmas when we had a tree - that one was a real tree that was probably transported all the way from Quezon when I was still a kid.

But when I saw Metrodeal's Christmas tree promo, I got excited and thought that perhaps it was a sign that the adult me should start having a Christmas tree again.

The price was tempting (P999 instead of P3000) and the tree in the picture looked great so the deal was certainly very tempting. However, since Metrodeal and other similar sites had a habit of using stock photos (and the merchants of inflating the original prices), I was a bit worried that I would get one of those cheap, very plastic-looking, sparse trees that were being sold at low-end malls for P700-P1000.

The merchant for the tree was JT Photoworld, a camera shop in Manila. After calling them to set a schedule for pick-up, bf and I headed to their Paco office. It was around closing time when we arrived so we did not get the warmest of welcome, but we got our tree and they helped us tie the box with straw rope upon learning that we would be commuting.

Metrodeal JT Photoworld Christmas tree

The box was worn and dusty but the tree was in good shape, lush, with a dark green color. Setting it up was a bit tricky though, since the base of the tree's spine didn't fit the hole of the tree stand. Thank goodness bf was around since I didn't have enough strength to fix them. Using pliers, bf loosened up the stand's hole a little and crimped the tree's base to restore its cylindrical shape.

JT Photoworld
1434 Gen Luna St.
corner Apacible St.
Paco, Manila

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  1. And now, I can hear Perry Como and the Fontane Sisters singing "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas."


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