Friday, November 25, 2011

The Lazy Bean Cafe (Tomas Morato)

I got introduced to The Lazy Bean through their Ensogo promo

We ordered their Crepe Salad (mix of ripe mangoes, grapes and salad veggies wrapped in crepe, with cheese sauce on top), Spicy Tuna Sardini (tuna and Spanish sardines in olive oil mixed with spaghetti), and Beef Casserole (beef and mushrooms baked with mashed potatoes on top). For drinks, we had Violet Curacao and Cucumber Soda.

The crepe salad was an interesting appetizer. It was light and it cleansed the palate well. I also enjoyed my sardini. Its spiciness was just right and the dish wasn't as greasy as the ones I've tried before. I only got a few bites of the beef casserole but it was also good.

Crepe Salad at The Lazy Bean
Crepe Salad
Spicy Tuna Sardini at The Lazy Bean
Spicy Tuna Sardini
Beef Casserole at The Lazy Bean
Beef Casserole
Violet Curacao and Cucumber Soda at The Lazy Bean
Violet Curacao and Cucumber Soda

The cucumber soda was not my idea. I ordered another drink but our server suggested the cucumber soda to me, saying that it was their bestselling drink. I was skeptical since I wasn't into vegetable juices, but the server was very confident so I got curious and gave in to her suggestion. The soda was a pleasant surprise! It was very refreshing and not too sweet. It had a clean taste that complemented the food well. No weird taste or aftertaste too!

The food was very affordable and portions were big. We were more than full by the time we left. Here's the breakdown of what we ordered:
  • Crepe Salad - P120
  • Spicy Tuna Sardini - P115
  • Beef Casserole - P180
  • Violet Curacao - P65
  • Cucumber Soda - P65
  • Irish Latte - P90
  • Cafe Mocha - P90
  • Blueberry Cheesecake slice - P95

The Lazy Bean was a small cafe with simple interiors. The use of a glass wall was a good idea since it prevented the space from looking stuffy. I liked the light brown color of their wooden furniture; it added to the warmth and coziness of the place. Moving around was a little hard though. We were seated at a table for four. I'm petite but even I found our area a bit cramped. It wasn't bad since there were only a few people during our visit, but it might become a challenge with more diners around.

counter and cake display at The Lazy Bean
counter where cakes were displayed
glass door entrance and wall at The Lazy Bean
glass door and wall
wall with painting at The Lazy Bean
corkboard at The Lazy Bean
corkboard displaying some drawings
wooden chairs and tables furniture at The Lazy Bean
dining chairs and tables

It was quiet inside the resto even if a TV was on - a far cry from other dining places. If you're into studying/working while dining or having coffee, staying here would be a better option than in other more popular cafes. After dinner, we were planning to drop by the nearby Starbucks but since it was comfy and quiet in The Lazy Bean, we opted to order our cake and coffee here instead.

The place was clean.

Service was good. Our server was attentive and friendly.

The Lazy Bean Cafe
117 Scout Lozano, Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Facebook page


  1. Wow I'm surprised how affordable the food is! I should really check out the food there at Tomas Morato.. I wanna try out the Beef Casserole.

  2. I kinda like the name of the place... The Lazy Bean Cafe. I am not a fan of crepes but I make lots of them because people love crepes. :)

    Love the sound of the Spicy Tuna Sardini. I bet that's super yum!

    1. I agree, "The Lazy Bean" has a nice and cute ring. Mascot worthy lol.

  3. drool on that spicy tuna sardini pasta. my Uncle makes a mean dish similar to that and it's my third favorite pasta dish next to arabiatta and ravioli

  4. This is the first time I've heard of this cafe. The drinks are interesting though! :D Will definitely give The Lazy Bean Cafe a try when i'm in the area ;)

  5. Crepe, I love them! Gonna check this out the next time I go there. Food's really affordable and it's my kind of chill out place.

  6. hmm a crepe salad - looks interesting but i'm not sure if it will go with me coz i so love the real crepes - blueberry with ice cream inside!! i love the blueberry cheesecake and wanna try the cucumber soda too!

    1. it was my first time to try a crepe that wasn't sweet. it was an appetizer. for desserts, that blueberry crepe you mentioned sounds perfect :)

  7. That Sardini pasta looks very tasty, and the crepe looks huge for it's price. Do they serve coffee too? =)

  8. i want an order of the crepe salad and cucumber soda .Solve na ko don .The price is affordable and good for students who want to spend quiet time.

  9. I have always love Mango crepe but I have never tried this crepe salad. It looks yummy I'll ask my brother to bring me to Lazy Bean sometimes.

  10. I've heard Lazy Bean Cafe too though I didn't took notice much of it even with the voucher enticing me to buy (Save mode at that time). I hope may voucher ulit so I would buy this time.

  11. mmm... Spicy Tuna Sardini sounds delish!

  12. I already tried their food and it was delish! We ordred spicy tuna sardini and schnitzel and I was surprised because they have big servings. Me and my man were so full by the time we left. I'm definitely coming back for more!

  13. Kudos to your very detailed review. Would love to try that Spicy Tuna Sardini!

    Fleur de Lys to Cheer Me Up | Hefty Foodie: Random Food Trips with Close Friends <--- this one's at Tomas Morato too you might want to check it out. Really enjoyed their pastries!

  14. Love lazy bean cafe. I heard they're doing made to order na rin for groups of people. That's fr take out. Love their food talaga coz they have big servings and the taste is really delicious.


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