Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Noel Discovery Bazaar 2011

We dropped by the Noel Discovery Bazaar 2011 last November 19 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. The atmosphere at WTC was very festive. Upon entrance, you would be greeted by a lot of colorful booths and displays.

Christmas shoppers at Noel Discovery Bazaar 2011
Christmas displays at Noel Discovery Bazaar 2011
Christmas displays at Noel Discovery Bazaar 2011
Christmas trees at Noel Discovery Bazaar 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Lazy Bean Cafe (Tomas Morato)

I got introduced to The Lazy Bean through their Ensogo promo

We ordered their Crepe Salad (mix of ripe mangoes, grapes and salad veggies wrapped in crepe, with cheese sauce on top), Spicy Tuna Sardini (tuna and Spanish sardines in olive oil mixed with spaghetti), and Beef Casserole (beef and mushrooms baked with mashed potatoes on top). For drinks, we had Violet Curacao and Cucumber Soda.

The crepe salad was an interesting appetizer. It was light and it cleansed the palate well. I also enjoyed my sardini. Its spiciness was just right and the dish wasn't as greasy as the ones I've tried before. I only got a few bites of the beef casserole but it was also good.

Crepe Salad at The Lazy Bean
Crepe Salad
Spicy Tuna Sardini at The Lazy Bean
Spicy Tuna Sardini

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sky Safari Zipline at Zoobic Safari (Subic, Zambales)

Zoobic's Sky Safari Zipline was a fun ride. It was our first time to try it. We had two senior citizens with us and we thought we had to drag them kicking and screaming to try the 200m zipline, but they were game enough to try without any convincing needed.

Sky Safari zipline at Zoobic
view from the zipline area
Sky Safari zipline at Zoobic
view from the zipline area

Nearby, these handsome fellas were lounging that lazy Saturday afternoon.

white carabao buffalo at Sky Safari zipline at Zoobic

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zoobic Night Safari at Subic, Zambales

We went to Zoobic Safari last November 5. Zoobic Safari is a 25-hectare amusement park located in Subic, Zambales. To go there, we took a Victory Liner bus in Monumento (regular bus - P169/pax, P121/pax for senior citizens; airconditioned bus - P202/pax, P162/pax for seniors). Upon arrival at Olongapo, we took a jeepney to the SBMA gate (P8/pax) then a taxi to Zoobic Safari (P350/trip). The taxi fare was costly, yes, but it was a long ride and the taxi was a van-type vehicle so you'll spend less per person if you're going in a big group. As far as I knew, there was no alternative - no buses or jeepneys went to and from Zoobic, just private vehicles and taxis. The system was to get the driver's mobile number then text him around 30mins before the end of your trip. Failure to get the driver's number might result in the commuter having a hard time in going back since there were very few available taxis waiting outside Zoobic Safari.

The driver of our taxi was friendly and chatty, so the taxi ride was leisurely. The scenery was also terrific - lots of greens! For someone born and raised in Manila, breathing fresh air and seeing lots of trees has become a luxury so I really appreciated the time just looking at them.

Upon arrival at Zoobic, we were told to sit near the hall entrance to have our picture taken. I didn't like that part, because with the way the staff ushered us ("let's take a picture first!"), it sounded as if the pictures were included in the tour package and were therefore free, but they were not.

One of the primary reasons why I wanted to go to Zoobic was to have my picture taken while I was petting/feeding a tiger cub. When I saw the tiger in the feeding booth, though, I had a thought bubble: that is not a baby tiger!

tiger at Zoobic Safari
tiger at Zoobic Safari
tiger at Zoobic Safari

The tiger was a little petulant. There was a time when its handler was pulling on its chains to make it get up and approach the bench, but it wasn't responding and was even clinging to a leg of the table. It was probably bored or sleepy or tired of being fed milk by the tourists. There was another tiger nearby. This one was inside a cage, pacing back and forth, back and forth. Truth be told, I felt bad for the tigers because they looked bored. I just hope that all the tigers in Zoobic's Tiger Safari took turns in being the feeding area tiger and the caged tiger.

Since the feeding tiger was a lot bigger than I expected, I had to muster more courage. When I finally had it, we approached the staff, only to be told to come back because it was already feeding time for the tiger. Well they got no resistance from me, I wasn't interested in being so close to a tiger who was already expecting a fresh meat that minute. I had no plans of being an appetizer.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Serious Security Flaw at Cleverbuy

I logged in to Cleverbuy to review the terms of some vouchers I bought. I clicked My Account and got the following screens:

security flaw at Cleverbuy
security flaw at Cleverbuy
security flaw at Cleverbuy

The thing is, I am not Anthea Gabriel. I don't know who she is nor was I trying to hack her account. But there I was, looking at her full name, order list, address, email, and phone number. I could use her info for mischief. I could also change her address and password if I wanted to. Hello identity theft!

I quickly reported the bug to Cleverbuy's Facebook page. In fairness to Cleverbuy, they promptly replied and promised to fix the error.

I just hope they really do fix this security bug because it's a serious error. If a legitimate client can access another client's account without even intending to or trying, then how much easier would it be for a malicious hacker?

Update: If you got here because you're concerned about Cleverbuy being a scam, head to my more recent Cleverbuy post. That's where I post updates I get about this issue.

If You Still Have an Unclaimed Cleverbuy Voucher, Read This!



Sunday, November 6, 2011

Diamond Peel Facial Treatment at MEDIcard Skin & Body Clinic

I'm a Medicard member but my interaction with the company was limited to annual physical examinations that they conducted in my workplace's premises. I knew they had an office in Makati but it was my first time to go there. I was expecting just a small, simple clinic so it was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that their office was big and posh. We went up to the third floor for their 20min facial diamond peel treatment. It was the first time for both of us to try diamond peel.

MEDIcard Skin & Body Clinic

The whole building looked spotless and chic. Decorations were minimal but tasteful. The place was well-lit and the temperature was just right, not chilly.

MEDIcard Skin and Body Laser and Aesthetic Care Center
MEDIcard Skin and Body Laser and Aesthetic Care Center

To those unfamiliar with it, diamond peel (also called microdermabrasion) involves the use of diamond dust to slough off dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover. It minimizes pimple scars, fine lines, and sun damage. Compared to other skin peeling treatments, diamond peel has no downtime, so you can do your normal activities right after.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pigging Out on Buffalo Wings and More @ Wingman (The Collective, Makati)

Badet had been raving about Wingman for the longest time, so when Ensogo offered a P500-for-P1000-worth-of-food voucher, I bought two.

We've been to Wingman twice. The first time was in September, right before attending Ambeth Ocampo's Queridas ni Rizal Lecture at the Ayala Musem. We ordered a dozen buffalo wings (lemon pepper and garlic parmesan), curly twist fries, and Wingman Salad. This is the only evidence of our first visit, since the chicken wings and fries were safely tucked away inside our stomach cavities by the time we remembered to take pictures:

Wingman salad
Wingman Salad - P250
I'm a big big fan of McDonald's twister fries, so I really enjoyed Wingman's curly twist fries (P130). When it comes to chicken wings, I'm partial towards non-saucy variants. Both the lemon pepper and garlic parmesan variants satisfied my taste buds. The Wingman Salad (lettuce with bleu cheese dressing and topped with buffalo chicken breast slices) was a meal by itself. I rarely order salad when dining out since I usually find green salads too bland for my taste, with not enough dressing/seasoning/cheese/meat, that I end up just munching plain lettuce halfway through the salad. I liked the Wingman salad, though. It was seasoned well and there was a generous amount of chicken included.

On our second visit, we ordered a dozen wings again. This time, we wanted to try their burger, but we couldn't decide which one to get so we got Home Run Sliders (choice of 3 mini-burgers), in order to sample the different kinds.

buffalo wings at Wingman in The Collective, Makati City
Buffalo Wings!
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