Saturday, April 16, 2011

Virtual Hello

Hello everyone!

As the title implies, this blog will feature my unsugarcoated reviews. I'm a food lover so many of the reviews will be those of restaurants and food items, with reviews about movies, online services, events, and everything else appearing occasionally.

No whitewashing here. Expect truthful reviews. Feel free to agree or disagree by posting your comments.

This blog was created first week of October 2011. Some posts (including this one) are dated in the past since I'll be incorporating earlier loose reviews here.

For businesses who are looking for online buzz for their products and services, you can contact me at I do accept invites and freebies, but reviews are not guaranteed to be positive. So take your risk! Criticisms, if any, will be limited to constructive criticisms, though, and we can all use that, right?

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