Monday, October 24, 2011

Lipo-Sculpt Cavitation at La Estetica (Pasig)

Thanks to Metrodeal, I learned about La Estetica's lipo-sculpt cavitation offer. Lipocontour slimming through ultracavitation, also called ultrasound cavitation, is a non-surgical treatment to burn fats in tough areas, like tummy, arms or thighs. Since it is non-invasive, it won't leave scars and requires no anesthetic or recovery period. I could use a few inches off my midsection so I bought bf and myself 2 vouchers each just to try it out.

Reservation was a headache. I booked a reservation through their online form, indicating the date, time, and chosen branch (Tomas Morato). I was surprised to see that leaving your contact info was just optional, but I entered my phone number anyway and waited for their confirmation. Which never arrived.

Some people would assume that this scenario meant that everything was okay, because they would contact you if there was a problem, right? Just to be sure, I had bf call their Tomas Morato branch the next afternoon to confirm the reservation. They couldn't even give us a straight answer. Their reasoning was that not all online appointments could be accommodated because they prioritize those who set appointments via landline. According to the staff who answered the phone, she would have to check with the Ortigas branch because it was the Ortigas branch that attended to online appointments. She asked bf to call again the next day. Bf had the impression that the girl was rushing because it was already closing time but didn't argue. He called again the next morning (11am) and was asked to call again at 1:30pm. Bf gave a time allowance and just called at 3pm. La Estetica still couldn't find my reservation. Really, why bother putting an online appointment widget on your Web site if nobody checks it anyway? Bf was already annoyed so I took over the phone and called the Ortigas branch to book a reservation there instead of the Tomas Morato branch.

La Estetica skin clinic in Ortigas, Pasig
La Estetica in Ortigas, picture owned by

La Estetica-Ortigas is located in the lower level of City & Land Megaplaza, along with several other medical and dental clinics. Unlike similar places, you can't just enter the building. We had to sign the guard's log book, leave an ID, and indicate our business. Upon exiting, we also had to present a signed slip from La Estetica. I liked the building's policy since there had been news of criminal(s) victimizing dentists recently.

One thing that was a little confusing was that the first La Estetica room we encountered was not the lobby area. We were newbies in such places and we almost made the mistake of just sitting and waiting in the wrong room.

Anyway, I went in for the treatment while bf sat in the waiting area. I was surprised that the staff who attended to me was a guy, but he was nice and cheerful so I didn't feel self-conscious. The clueless me stupidly asked, "Is this going to hurt?" and he replied, without missing a beat, "Nah, but there will be a lot of blood" haha.

First, he wrapped a belt-like thing around my abdomen. It had several rectangular plates that soon became warm. After a few minutes, that belt was removed and a cream-like substance was applied to my tummy. The cavitation machine's handpiece was then rubbed against my belly for several minutes to melt the fats. The treatment lasted 20-30 minutes. My abdomen was lightly sore afterwards but bf did not feel any soreness.

We'll try their Tomas Morato branch next time.

La Estetica
City & Land Megaplaza
ADB Ave. cor. Garnet Rd. Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila
La Estetica Web site

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  1. hi, was the treatment effective? did you measure your stomach before/after? :) thanks - jinky


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