Monday, October 10, 2011

Clawdaddy (Eton Centris)

This was our second time to eat at Clawdaddy. In our first visit, the Clammy Spaghetti wasn't such a hit with us (more of a personal choice, I just preferred pastas with thicker sauces) but we enjoyed their Marinara Pizza. We also loved their mojos and Boston clam chowder, so when I was craving for mojos, we trooped back to Clawdaddy. Unfortunately, the server informed us that they didn't serve mojos anymore. I was shocked. I had to rephrase my question several times just to make sure that they have discontinued the mojos and was not just out of potatoes that night. *sigh* I'll miss their mojos.

Anyway, on our second time, we decided to order the Baked Four-Cheese Oysters, New Orleans Original Seafood Gumbo, and Half-Slab BBQ Baby Back Ribs.

baked four cheese oysters at Clawdaddy Eton Sentris Quezon City
Baked Four-Cheese Oysters
New Orleans original seafood gumbo at Clawdaddy Eton Sentris Quezon City
New Orleans Original Seafood Gumbo
BBQ baby back ribs at Clawdaddy Eton Sentris Quezon City
half slab of BBQ Baby Back Ribs

I don't like oysters in general so I just ate the cheesy crusts of some of the oysters, and bf ate the rest. The gumbo was different from what we had in mind so we didn't enjoy it much. The baby back ribs were my order, as bf professed his lack of interest in them. I was able to persuade him to try some, though, and succeeded in converting him to my love of ribs.

Clawdaddy's food are a bit expensive for us average consumers. Compared to similar food houses, their prices are fairly standard though.

As the restaurant name implies, Claw Daddy's focus is on crabs and other seafood. The interiors therefore had a nautical vibe to them. Furniture and decors were in warm muted tones and utilized wood and bricks. Accents such as chalkboards, an old-school phone, and old-fashioned type signs added a vintage charm to the place.

Clawdaddy Eton Sentris Quezon City
Clawdaddy Eton Sentris Quezon City


In both visits, we had good service. In our first visit, we arrived near closing time that we had to ask if they were still accommodating orders. The staff warmly said yes and promptly served our food.

Centris Walk
Eton Centris EDSA
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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