Monday, October 17, 2011

Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante

One of the things I find depressing is hearing about celebrities who've become rich and famous, then plummeted into poverty and obscurity because of vices and financial mismanagement. So when I hear about business-minded celebrities, I get a smile on my face. I've previously posted about such restaurants (Marvin Agustin's Marciano's and Kian Kazemi's Persia Grill). Now we have Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante.

The waiter recommended for us to try their Embrodo Soup. We weren't familiar with that kind of soup so we decided to try it. Until now, I still don't know what embrodo is. Anyone care to enlighten me? Google keeps on returning results related to the totally unappetizing embryo soup.

Aside from the embrodo soup, we also ordered Fried Mozzarella and Sunshine Pizza, with strawberry and raspberry Italian sodas as our drinks.

embrodo soup at Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante
Embrodo Soup - P200
I didn't know what to make of the embrodo soup. My unfamiliarity with it seemed to have confused my taste buds as well.

fried mozzarella at Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante
Fried Mozzarella - P280
I'm a sucker for mozzarella so I happily gnawed at the fried mozzarella rolls. They were quite filling.

Sunshine pizza at Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante
Sunshine Pizza - P450
The Sunshine pizza was okay, but nothing to write home about. I've read good reviews about their Aglio Olio but since there were only two of us dining, we had to make a decision: pizza or pasta, and pizza won that night. We'll try the Aglio Olio next time.

The food were reasonably priced and the servings were big enough for sharing.

Bellissimo Ristorante was a lot smaller than I expected. The dining area at the ground floor could only accommodate a few people, but there were more seats upstairs. The entrance was simple and functional.

Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante
Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante

There was a wine cabinet cum bookshelf in one part of the room. You wouldn't feel intimidated or self-conscious dining here alone since these reading materials would keep you busy as you wait for your food to arrive.

Overall, cleanliness of the restaurant was okay. My only sanitation-related complaint was that the toilet bowl was busted during my visit. Thankfully, the patron who went to the CR before me didn't leave any "surprises". The staff probably went in periodically to manually flush the bowl. I just expected an Italian resto, especially one owned by a popular actor, to consider getting a plumber a top priority.
We were in the mood for gelato but alas, they had run out of gelato. It was forgivable, of course, but it was a bit of a letdown. We had an early dinner and Bellissimo Ristorante would be open until past midnight, so I was sure that several other diners would be disappointed as well. Other than that, service was good. The staff were nice and courteous.

Bellissimo Ristorante
105 Unit E & F Sct. Castor cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Metro Manila
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  1. Medyo namamahalan kami sa food ng Bellisimo. Pero masarap ang pizza. Love the complimentary breads too.

  2. It would have been a great bonus if Cesar Montano himself served the food. I could have grabbed the rare chance for a photo-op with him.

  3. I'll take Cesar, you take Sunshine :))


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