Friday, October 28, 2011

Brazil Brazil! Churrascaria at Metrowalk

I've been hearing about Brazil Brazil! for years already. I was intrigued but since their branches were out of the way for me, I never got around to trying their food. When their Churrasco feast platter was featured in Metrodeal, I considered it a sign for me to go and finally sample their food.

The Churrasco feast platter was good for two and included the following: delicate beef brisket, pork belly, hanging tender, pork shoulder, chicken thighs, heavenly frankfurter sausage, Java rice, banana (saba) and Japanese corn.

Churrasco feast platter at Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk Pasig
Churrasco feast platter

The meats were flavorful and juicy. They reminded me of just why I was a meatlover! I'm a picky eater and one of the things I don't eat is fat trimmings. The meats in the platter were lean and suited me quite well. Next time I have to try the buffet.

If you're a carnivore looking to maximize your peso, go for the buffet instead of the Churrasco platter. They cost about the same but you'll get to eat a lot more meat. The buffet's price (P777) is pretty reasonable for a meat-centric foodfest especially if you happen to have a huge appetite.

The restaurant was smaller than I thought but didn't feel cramped. Lighting was okay and adequate. Decorations were modern and weren't overboard (I was expecting a lot of huge and colorful decorations to capitalize on the Brazilian theme). The masks on the walls were nice to look at -- I wish they had more and bigger ones.

Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk Pasig
Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk Pasig
Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk Pasig
food station
The dining section as well as the CR were both clean.

Good. I was expecting the food to take a little long to arrive since meat takes longer to cook, but the food arrived faster than I expected.

Brazil Brazil! Churrascaria
Metrowalk Commercial Complex
Meralco Ave. Pasig
Brazil Brazil's Facebook page

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