Friday, October 28, 2011

Brazil Brazil! Churrascaria at Metrowalk

I've been hearing about Brazil Brazil! for years already. I was intrigued but since their branches were out of the way for me, I never got around to trying their food. When their Churrasco feast platter was featured in Metrodeal, I considered it a sign for me to go and finally sample their food.

The Churrasco feast platter was good for two and included the following: delicate beef brisket, pork belly, hanging tender, pork shoulder, chicken thighs, heavenly frankfurter sausage, Java rice, banana (saba) and Japanese corn.

Churrasco feast platter at Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk Pasig
Churrasco feast platter

The meats were flavorful and juicy. They reminded me of just why I was a meatlover! I'm a picky eater and one of the things I don't eat is fat trimmings. The meats in the platter were lean and suited me quite well. Next time I have to try the buffet.

If you're a carnivore looking to maximize your peso, go for the buffet instead of the Churrasco platter. They cost about the same but you'll get to eat a lot more meat. The buffet's price (P777) is pretty reasonable for a meat-centric foodfest especially if you happen to have a huge appetite.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lipo-Sculpt Cavitation at La Estetica (Pasig)

Thanks to Metrodeal, I learned about La Estetica's lipo-sculpt cavitation offer. Lipocontour slimming through ultracavitation, also called ultrasound cavitation, is a non-surgical treatment to burn fats in tough areas, like tummy, arms or thighs. Since it is non-invasive, it won't leave scars and requires no anesthetic or recovery period. I could use a few inches off my midsection so I bought bf and myself 2 vouchers each just to try it out.

Reservation was a headache. I booked a reservation through their online form, indicating the date, time, and chosen branch (Tomas Morato). I was surprised to see that leaving your contact info was just optional, but I entered my phone number anyway and waited for their confirmation. Which never arrived.

Some people would assume that this scenario meant that everything was okay, because they would contact you if there was a problem, right? Just to be sure, I had bf call their Tomas Morato branch the next afternoon to confirm the reservation. They couldn't even give us a straight answer. Their reasoning was that not all online appointments could be accommodated because they prioritize those who set appointments via landline. According to the staff who answered the phone, she would have to check with the Ortigas branch because it was the Ortigas branch that attended to online appointments. She asked bf to call again the next day. Bf had the impression that the girl was rushing because it was already closing time but didn't argue. He called again the next morning (11am) and was asked to call again at 1:30pm. Bf gave a time allowance and just called at 3pm. La Estetica still couldn't find my reservation. Really, why bother putting an online appointment widget on your Web site if nobody checks it anyway? Bf was already annoyed so I took over the phone and called the Ortigas branch to book a reservation there instead of the Tomas Morato branch.

La Estetica skin clinic in Ortigas, Pasig
La Estetica in Ortigas, picture owned by

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante

One of the things I find depressing is hearing about celebrities who've become rich and famous, then plummeted into poverty and obscurity because of vices and financial mismanagement. So when I hear about business-minded celebrities, I get a smile on my face. I've previously posted about such restaurants (Marvin Agustin's Marciano's and Kian Kazemi's Persia Grill). Now we have Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante.

The waiter recommended for us to try their Embrodo Soup. We weren't familiar with that kind of soup so we decided to try it. Until now, I still don't know what embrodo is. Anyone care to enlighten me? Google keeps on returning results related to the totally unappetizing embryo soup.

Aside from the embrodo soup, we also ordered Fried Mozzarella and Sunshine Pizza, with strawberry and raspberry Italian sodas as our drinks.

embrodo soup at Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante
Embrodo Soup - P200
I didn't know what to make of the embrodo soup. My unfamiliarity with it seemed to have confused my taste buds as well.

fried mozzarella at Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante
Fried Mozzarella - P280
I'm a sucker for mozzarella so I happily gnawed at the fried mozzarella rolls. They were quite filling.

Sunshine pizza at Cesar Montano's Bellissimo Ristorante
Sunshine Pizza - P450
The Sunshine pizza was okay, but nothing to write home about. I've read good reviews about their Aglio Olio but since there were only two of us dining, we had to make a decision: pizza or pasta, and pizza won that night. We'll try the Aglio Olio next time.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Clawdaddy (Eton Centris)

This was our second time to eat at Clawdaddy. In our first visit, the Clammy Spaghetti wasn't such a hit with us (more of a personal choice, I just preferred pastas with thicker sauces) but we enjoyed their Marinara Pizza. We also loved their mojos and Boston clam chowder, so when I was craving for mojos, we trooped back to Clawdaddy. Unfortunately, the server informed us that they didn't serve mojos anymore. I was shocked. I had to rephrase my question several times just to make sure that they have discontinued the mojos and was not just out of potatoes that night. *sigh* I'll miss their mojos.

Anyway, on our second time, we decided to order the Baked Four-Cheese Oysters, New Orleans Original Seafood Gumbo, and Half-Slab BBQ Baby Back Ribs.

baked four cheese oysters at Clawdaddy Eton Sentris Quezon City
Baked Four-Cheese Oysters
New Orleans original seafood gumbo at Clawdaddy Eton Sentris Quezon City
New Orleans Original Seafood Gumbo

Monday, October 3, 2011

Buffet Dinner at Seasons (Manila Pavilion Hotel)

We arrived at Seasons at the Manila Pavilion Hotel at around 6:45pm. There were only a few diners then.

Following are some of the food that we ate (* = food that bf ate but I didn't taste):

soup (cream of veggie of some sort)
another soup*
pickled mushrooms
a variety of cheeses
a variety of breads*
squid salad*
Caesar's salad*
shake sashimi
squid tempura
siomai & dumplings
lechon kawali
roast beef with lemon butter sauce
roast pig (lechon goodness!)
strawberry pudding
durian cake
mango ice cream
ube ice cream
blueberry jam
2 kinds of fish fillet
chilled orange juice
chilled pineapple juice*

Now, for some food porn...

Bf is a big fan of salads, so he had to try the salads.

salads at Seasons buffet Manila Pavilion Hotel
Caesar salad, squid salad

He also has a love affair with cheeses and breads, thus this:

cheeses and breads at Seasons buffet Manila Pavilion Hotel
breads, cheeses, dried fruit

For this plate, the caption says it all...

at Seasons buffet Manila Pavilion Hotel
I don't even remember this plate. Bf probably wolfed down all the food quickly.

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