Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Three-Way Disappointing Service from Ensogo, Mongkok, and SM Mall of Asia

The glutton in me couldn't resist the delicious-looking dimsum at Ensogo's Mongkok deal offer so I bought a voucher.

The Mongkok promo is in 3 branches, all of which are out of the way for us, but I really wanted to try Mongkok dimsum so I planned on claiming the voucher last last weekend when we went to Ambeth Ocampo's Queridas ni Rizal lecture in Makati. Unfortunately, their Glorietta branch was already fully booked according to the girl who answered my phone call when I tried to place a reservation.

Mongkok Dimsum deal in Ensogo
(image from Ensogo's Web site)

I didn't want to risk dining at their Robinson's Galleria branch because of a negative post I read online. In that complaint, the customer was not faultless but the staff handled the situation poorly in what appeared to be a stand-off ("patigasan") with the customer, when the staff could have easily given way and prevented all that drama.

I tried placing a reservation again last weekend, this time in their Mall of Asia (MoA) branch since I would be going to MoA to attend a book fair the following weekend. I called their MoA branch again and again to place my reservation, but noone answered the phone even during closing time. I decided to just try a walk-in during off-peak hours.

Our experience was terrible. We ended up walking all over MoA trying to find Mongkok! We thought we were just misreading the mall directory because we couldn't find the resto. After giving up on the map, we asked a mall guard. He consulted his booklet which showed a different location for Mongkok. We went there and again walked all over the area but still couldn't find Mongkok. We asked another guard who pointed towards another location. Mongkok wasn't there either. We were already going mad due to extreme exhaustion and hunger so we asked another guard. Of the three guards, he was the only one who sounded like he actually knew what he was talking about. He explained to us that Mongkok MoA was under renovation and would reopen in December. So we just wasted two hours! Such a hassle!

MoA: Really, such a big-ass mall can't even spare the time or the dime to update its mall directory and the booklets they give out to their security personnel, let alone to inform and train their security personnel regarding the location of all the establishments? What if, God forbid, a crime happens in one of the shops? The security guards would be like headless chickens running around in different directions instead of being able to respond to the crisis efficiently. Another example of SM's billions resources not being put to good use.

Mongkok and Ensogo: The deal's terms specified that the promo was in three branches then Mongkok suddenly shut down the MoA branch. They broke the agreement. Furthermore, noone informed the voucher holders even though Ensogo and/or Mongkok had our names and contact information. Mongkok's Facebook page made no mention about the MoA branch's renovation and I don't recall Ensogo issuing a similar update. 

I have lost interest in availing this deal. I'll be getting a refund. I paid via Paypal (and won't mind getting my refund as Ensogo credits) so refund should be a breeze. I'll post an update after I get my refund.

Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila

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